High Heels and Training Wheels: August 2014



Patience at it's Finest

I am a whiner. I always have been. My mom used to tell me when I was a kid to stop whining, she wasn't going to speak to me until I stopped. I would reply back to her in my whiniest voice, "But I'm not whiniiiinnnnggg!!". I seriously whined so much, I had completely lost touch on how to speak normally and had no idea I was even doing it. (Sorry, mom!!) Well, I have since learned how to speak in a "normal" tone but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still guilty of the occasional whine. Today was one of those times.


One Last Shebang

So if you notice over there in the sidebar, I've added a shop my closet at Poshmark. It took me forever to finally put together but it was a long time coming. After jean jackets came back in style and I realized I used to have one and got rid of it, I've been afraid to get rid of anything. So I have a closet (and boxes upon boxes) filled with clothes that never get worn but never get thrown out either. I'm most definitely a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I'm ashamed at just how much just hangs there neglected, but I have an unnatural fear!

So I've been forcing myself to abide by the rule "if it hasn't been worn it in a year, it's time to go". Well, it's still REALLY hard to bring myself to get rid of things! These cobalt skinnies are one of those things. I've not worn them for a year and even then I only wore theses cobalt skinnies a couple times so they are still like new. It's so hard to get rid of something that is like new! So I'm giving them one last "hoorah" to see if they really belong on the short list. Problem is, I'm still undecided! 


MoxieJean: The Little Fashionista

For an entire year I have had this blog and for an entire year my daughter has been asking for one of her own. She's 6. Uh...no ma'am. But that doesn't mean I can't share with her every now and again, right? Of course I can! So (drum roll please) I introduce to you, the witty, the charming, the fabulous Izzzzzyyyy!

Isn't she charming?

And there is no better time than now to share her and her wee little fashion because the new school year is upon us and I know all you mommies out there are back-to-school shopping too....and probably spending a fortune.

But, whoa, wait a second. Back the train up. I'm all frugal and thrifty over here, buying my things super cheap so I can go out and spend a fortune on the kids? Oh, no no no miss thang, I am not! Plus, we know they're just going to outgrow it all in a year (month...week...day...they never stop growing!) anyway, so why go into debt just to clothe them? I would not spend that much on myself, so I am most certainly not spending that on this messy, growin-like-a-weed, rough and tumble kid!

This year, you fellow frugal mommies can streeeeetch your back-to-school budget while still dressing your budding fashionista supa dupa fly. MoxieJean is an online consignment store that carries great brands like Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Baby Lulu, Ralph Lauren, etc. All at 75% or more off retail prices.
 For a mere 35 chucks, I was able to score Izzy 3 separate looks! Holy money saving steals, Batman! And MoxieJean adds hundreds of new outfits every Monday and Thursday so there is always something new to choose from, and with sizes newborn all the way through to 13-14, there's something there for your entire fashionable clan. 

So, without further adu, here is little miss Isabella sporting her back-to-school looks I scored from Moxie...


Summer Survival: The Date Night

Ok, so if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you ladies already know that date nights are far and few between for this mama of 3. If you're a mom, you're nodding your head, saying "Yep!". You know what that's like. So when I do get that rare chance, I take it very seriously. This is my opportunity! This is my time to shine and get all gussied up! (fyi: "gussied" is the official term) I want to step out carefree and fabulous, sans kids. I want to throw on my heels and lipstick without worrying about sticky hands, runny noses or repeated whines of "She's looking at me." "He pushed me." or my personal favorite, "The cat threw up again." (I hear that one a lot more than you would think!)
Needless to say, date nights can be a savior for me when I'm ready to pull my hair out. Summertime is by far my favorite time for these date nights. My winter ensemble consists of two styles: bulky and even more bulky. But summer, I can whip out those skirts and dresses and those (gasp!) sexy, strappy tops. I'm mommy no more; I am wife and goddess. (humor me here)

Of course, my under things have to accommodate these summer styles. I'm sorry, I am just not a fan of thongs....but I'm not a fan of underwear lines either. And do you have any idea what a pain it is to have to keep yanking at your strapless bra? You're a woman, of course you do. But what's the alternative? Have your bra showing? No thanks. Maidenform has become imperative for my summer survival. Yes, I said imperative. I want to be able to strut my stuff for my hubs on those rare date nights without worrying about what I can and can't wear based on what I have to go under it. I didn't find a babysitter so I can look mediocre....yet again. I didn't leave my worries behind so I can gain another. I want quality, comfortable, effortless pieces that help me look my best self. Don't you? Of course you do!

So I've built some of my favorite summer date night looks and have included all the necessary Maidenform pieces I need to make them perfect. It's all about surviving summer; making the best of those dates.


I Love Pockets

I really do. I don't know why I love them so much but they do genuinely make me happy. It's not like pockets are a newfangled contraption and they're not exactly hard to come by; most things come with pockets installed (in place?) but, still, I always get a thrill out of them. 

One thing I really hate is when you get a pair pants (or shorts, a skirt, whatever) and the pockets are fake. That really grinds my gears. Like, why are you withholding the pockets? Did you forget about them? Did you run out of pocket fabric at the pocket store? Did you not think I might like to put things in these false so-called "pockets"? Where is my Chapstick supposed to go? What if my hand gets tired and I need a place to rest it? Charlatan! Anyway, these pockets are real so crisis averted.

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