High Heels and Training Wheels: 2013



My Everyday Makeup Products | Part 2: Eyes

Hey, guys! It's part 2 of my Everyday Makeup Product series! Today it's all about the eyes...

I like a more neutral look for my day-to-day eye makeup. Don't get me wrong; I like to look nice and have a little "wow" factor but I like my shadows to be more neutral in color. I love big, bold lashes and I like to define my eyes with liner but that can be a bit much for your daytime makeup. A neutral color palette can give your makeup a more wearable look so you can still have that big, bold lash and liner without looking like your waiting for Richard Gere....She might be America's favorite prostitute but I'm not trying to look like her. ;)

Just like Part 1, these products are all drugstore. I know high end brands can really crank out some great foundations, brushes, bronzers, etc. but drugstore mascara is where it's at! There are so many to choose from though. Trust me, I know. After going through numerous mascaras, eyeliners and shadows, I finally found some that have stuck and today I'm sharing them with you! 

Don't forget to check out Part 1 of my everyday makeup, if you missed it.  It is all about the products I use for my coverage. There are some really great products there that target those really tricky problems. If you have trouble with large pores, dark circles, redness or acne scarring but you still want to look human; it is definitely a must-watch for you! 

Part 3 is on it's way too, so make sure you're on the lookout for that. Part 3 will be all about face products such as blush, bronzer, highlighters and the like. Also, if you find this video helpful, please remember to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel! I've made it really simple for you; just click on the lovely little subscribe button at the end of the video. I super-duper appreciate it! ;) Enjoy, guys!

Don't forget to watch in HD! 


My Everyday Makeup Products | Part 1: Coverage

Hey, guys! Do you all love watching everyday makeup routines as much as I do? I am completely addicted to them right now. I mean, I like "special" looks too; they're fun to watch and fun to try. But for me, I'm more interested in everyday looks because I don't generally have a lot of special occasions to get ready for. Your basic everyday makeup is more what I do so I really like to see what products other's are using for their "go to" day-to-day looks.

 Even more specifically, I like to see what products work best for other's with the same concerns and skin conditions as myself. It helps me find good products that work for my specific troubled areas without costly trial and error. So I thought, maybe I could help you out the same way. I'm always trying new things and playing around with different brands and colors but I do have a set of everyday products I use that haven't failed me yet. 

I've divided it up into a 3 part series to make it easier (and shorter) for you to see what I use to target specific areas. Part 1 is all about my coverage. Of all the  products I use and all the different reasons I use them, coverage is my number 1 concern. Unfortunately for me, I don't have the kind of skin that allows me to go bare faced (oh, how I wish!) or with something simple like a BB cream; I need a pretty good coverage. But in addition to full coverage, I also need a product that helps smooth my skin's uneven texture as well. I'm finally reaching an age where fine lines and large pores are starting to be a concern and they can definitely be difficult to fight without the right products. 

So if you have any of the same skin concerns or if you're just looking for some great new products, check out my everyday coverage. I know there's something here that can work for you because all of these products work tremendously and I highly recommend them. And you know me; they're all drugstore, i.e. they're all affordable! I'm all about great products for a great price!

If you enjoy Part 1, be sure to check out part 2: Eyes and Part 3: face! Also if you find this helpful, remember to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel! I've made it easy peasy for you; just click on the handy dandy subscribe button at the end of the video! ;) Enjoy!


Love It or Leave It: Empties and Regrets

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the major downside to using drugstore products is not being able to "try before you buy". Over the years I have tried numerous failed products that I really disliked but I've also tried a lot that I have loved. So to help you a little more in your drugstore product search, I'm sharing my empties and regrets. All of my empties are empty because they worked well enough to finish them off so they're all products I love. And my regrets...well, those speak for themselves. Hopefully, I can help save you from those same product fails and maybe even help you find a new favorite! Enjoy!


Drugstore Makeup Haul

It's a haaaaauuuul! And I don't know why, but I absolutely love watching hauls. Like, loooove them. Maybe because I'm super nosy and I just want to know what other people bought. Or maybe it's because I love finding new products......nah, it's because I'm nosy.

If you guys know me, then you know I only buy drugstore products. The unfortunate problem with drugstore products though, is not being able to "try before you buy". So a lot of the things I choose to pick up at the store are things I've seen other bloggers/YouTubers using or talking about. I keep a running list of things I want to try and I finally went out and got a few. So for any of you out there who are nosy like me, you're in luck! While I'm over here devouring my shamefully delicious smothered burrito from Taco Bell, you fellow busybodies can check out my haul and the new things I'm loving!

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Unboxing the Rose Voxbox

The time has come, yet again, for another voxbox! Yaay! I love getting the voxboxes because it is always filled with a wide array of goodies and it's always a surprise. There just aren't enough surprises in life, am I right? 

This box was no exception. I had some makeup products, some snacks, nail polish and even some shoes insoles. It's great because it gives me a chance to try things that I might not ordinarily buy in the store. These boxes let me discover some new, great products for free!

If you would like to get your own Voxbox, it is completely free (I love free things!) to join and you can sign up for it at Influenster. You don't have to have a blog or YouTube channel either; anyone with a social media account can participate! So go ahead and check out all the lovely things I got and what I think about them. Enjoy!

Don't forget to watch in HD!


Rimmel Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

Hey guys! I told you another video would be coming! Today I am reviewing the new Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.

This is another product from Influenster and I love getting things from them because you never know what you're going to get or when you're going to get it; a lovely surprise just shows up in your mailbox one day. It's fabulous.

So, I thought I would share with you my impressions, review and application of the foundation so you can see how it goes on and how it holds up through out the day. So, does it live up to all it's claims? You'll have to watch to find out!

Finally got my new camera so you can now watch it in HD!


My First Time

It's the "My First Time" tag!

 No, there's nothing dirty about it. I'm not giving you intimate details about, what was a very awkward night....although that sentence in itself was probably more than you needed to know. But no, this tag is a series of questions about some random "firsts". I was tagged by the lovely Kallie at But First, Coffee so make sure you stop by and check her out. Annnd, enjoy!


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume (Parenting)

Hey, guys! The new camera is here and it is GLORIOUS! I had filmed 3 or so vlogs to go up this week but when I knew this camera was coming, I chose not to post them because I just want to redo them with the new, fabulous, awesome, amazing HD camera. So my plans changed and I've been post-less here. 

I know there's no blogging "law" that says you must post X amount of times each week but I've kind of set a personal quota in my head and it bothers me when I don't meet it. So that's where my "Let's Blog Some Shit" comes in. I hadn't planned on it being a regular thing but I like it and it fills the silence when life gets in the way of my regular posts. So today I thought I'd tackle a subject that many of us can relate to; parenting. 

 If you are a parent, you know the ups and downs. Anyone who is a parent knows it's total joy, but along with that joy comes dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and messes...lots and lots of messes. You have to learn to laugh at it because if you don't laugh, you'll just cry.


About Me Tag

I've been gone for soooo long it seems like. Just straight up MIA. And I mean  "missing in action", not the rapper. Although I bet it'd be pretty cool to be her too. Anyway, I haven't completely abandoned all blogging endeavors. I've been working behind the scenes on some vlogs and those are all coming up soon.
Today is the first and it's the 'About Me' tag. I totally plan on doing some favorites videos, tutorials, makeup routines etc. I just have so much fun doing these tags. I'm not quite sure why these tickle me so much but I just love answering all these questions. Is there such a thing as a professional survey taker? I'd be bomb at that. So anyway, here's some little bits and pieces of me and my life. 24 bits and pieces to be exact. Just doing all I can to fulfill your random quota for the day. I know, I know, I'm just sweet like that. Enjoy!

Oh. Em. Gee. I just learned that I will be the proud owner/user of a legit HD camera in 2 days time. 2 days! (eek!) I am about to be vlogging like a boss ova hurr! I don't think you're even ready for this jelly, yal! Yep. It deserved a Beyoncé
 reference, that's how bootylicious it is.


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 4 (Nerd Alert)

Aww yeeeah, it's nerd alert. I can definitely be a nerd sometimes and I embrace it. I mean, I have my guilty pleasures (I'm looking at you, Dance Moms and Real Housewives) but my "nerdy" streak isn't one of them. I'm not ashamed. I'm not going to insult legit nerds by saying I have full-on nerd status though; I don't get down with Pokemon or Warcraft or Magic cards. I can't speak elvish or anything and Batman is just a dude in tights. But I do have some nerd tendencies and I wear them like a badge of nerdy honor. 


This is Halloween, This is Halloween....

Halloween is almost here and let me just tell you the bull hockey going on here in southern Indiana...Instead of Trick-or-Treating tomorrow on Halloween like the rest of the world, the town and all of the surrounding areas have moved Trick-or-Treat to tonight (Oct 30) because, get this, we're expecting tornado weather tomorrow. Like, what? WTF mother nature?? Tornadoes on Halloween! How about we throw in a tsunami this Christmas. Or how about a earthquake, that should shake things up (pun intended).



How do you solve a problem like Maria? And by Maria, I mean my husband. And by problem, I mean blurry pictures. Sometimes they're crystal clear and he impresses even myself. Other times though, they look like the hot mess below. I mean, what did you take this with, a banana?


Flannel Chic

It's another Monday! And luckily, I'm in a much better mood this week than I have been! Mostly because I have been surprised with a vacation this week! That's right, we're heading to good ol' Gatlinburg TN this Wednesday! Totally unexpected, total surprise and I am so excited! 

But my mood improvement is also largely in part by my boots finally arriving in the mail this weekend! Yaay! I have been not so patiently waiting for them since I hit that "check out" button at Oasap. I have desperately been wanting a pair because what sort of fashion blogger doesn't own a pair of ankle boots?? I find all of these Pinterest outfits I want to recreate but it's always "Aww, if I only had the boots!" But now I do (happy dance) and I am in luurv! They're adorable and comfortable. These puppies are lined on the inside with micro-suede. It's like blankets for your feet! Blankets. For. Your. Feet.


Deja Vu

I know, I know. I literally just wore these boots and a dress. I promise I'm going to give them a break, I just needed to get out of my system. Of all the shoes I own, these are my favs. 


Like They're Going Out of Style

That's how I'm wearing these boots; like they're going out of style. Which I sincerely hope doesn't happen. I've had them for 3 years now and they're still my favorite part of fall/winter. AND I got these at Payless. Payless boots I got for $30, going strong 3 years and running. Take that all you $200 pairs of boots! Boom.


Dolled Up: Plum Perfection

Yo, yo, yiggity yo! It's another week and we've officially moved into fall but this weather is all over the dang place! I've been looking forward to fall, I love the changing leaves and snuggling in my favorite sweater but now that it's here, I'm struggling. Some days I think we kind of skipped fall because it so cold and other days it feels like the middle of July. We go from scorching to straight up cold in the blink of an eye. I don't do well in extreme temperatures. Granted it's only been like high 50's to low 80's and that's hardly "extreme", it just feels so drastic with these constant flip-flops...I know, go ahead and call me a big baby; I won't even argue. 


It's Friday, You Ain't Got No Job...

...and you ain't got shit to do! What's uuupp guys. It's Friday and Imma holla at ya right quick. I've been all caught up in 'I Dream of Nene' and watching it like it's going out of style. Through all of these episodes, I still have a question I can't figure out: "Whhyyyyy?" Why is Nene remarrying "Graig" (cause that's totally the way she says it)? Have you guys seen this guy? Or heard him speak? WHAT?? I love me some Nene, honey. But Graig? I can't.


Look Who's Back!

I'm baaa-aack! Well, I didn't necessarily leave per say. I've had some randoms and some vlogs (which were really fun to do) but, I haven't had an outfit post in a while. On that note, I was wondering what you guys think. What posts do you like to see? What are your favorite posts I do? Outfits, reviews, makeup, tutorials, the vlogs? Which do you want to see more of? 

For a while I just haven't feeling blogging as much as I used to, or as much as I wanted to. I think I've just got so bogged down by "this is my schedule, these are the posts I have to do". I wasn't blogging things as they came to me or where inspiration took me; I was blogging what I thought I was "supposed" to. It was lacking variety, spontaneity, and the (for a lack of a better word) passion I started with. So I started thinking maybe I'm the one with these imaginary expectations and I'm the one restricting myself. So, now I'm asking you. What is it you like to see here? I go to specific blogs for different reasons. This one for style inspiration, that one for hair and makeup tutorials, this one for product recommendations, that one for their sense of humor, that one for DIY, etc. What brings you to High Heels and Training Wheels?


Vlog Trois: My 5 Year Old Does My Makeup

Yeeeahh, you read that correctly. I allowed my daughter to do my makeup. All for the sake of your entertainment. You're Welcome

Want some makeup advice? Hear straight from the artist herself...

Cutest kid ev-ah! I know I'm biased but I adore my little miss! And don't forget to stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe! I'm lonely over there!


Vlog Deux: Common White Girl Tag

It's another vloo-oog! That was my best Oprah. It was pretty good. Anyway, today's vlog came from Kallie and it is the Common White Girl Tag. What the heck is that? You'll have to watch to find out! Mwahaha


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Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 3 (Relatability)

(So you may or may not be privy to the reasoning behind my blogging absence, i.e. a laptop that went kaput and a camera that is no longer in my possession, but these things will be solved very soon. Due to my bestie's generosity, I'll be gracing you with my awesomeness once more. But in the meantime, I am going to keep on keepin' on. I know my presence is wanted...nay, needed...in your life and I am happy to oblige. I'm just super giving like that. Unfortunately, I can't give you pictures with all of my fabulosity and general greatness but I can still blog some shit. Until I'm back in working order, that's what we're doing.)

So, you know those things that aren't really funny, they're sad, but they're so sad, they're funny? Like, if and when it happens to you, you're pissed. But the second someone calls it out, you have to just laugh. For instance, I don't like getting cut off in traffic but the second someone makes a meme about it, it's the funniest damn thing I've ever seen. I call that relatabilty. 


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 2

(So you may or may not be privy to the reasoning behind my blogging absence, i.e. a laptop that went kaput and a camera that is no longer in my possession, but these things will be solved very soon. Due to my bestie's generosity, I'll be gracing you with my awesomeness once more. But in the meantime, I am going to keep on keepin' on. I know my presence is wanted...nay, needed...in your life and I am happy to oblige. I'm just super giving like that. Unfortunately, I can't give you pictures with all of my fabulosity and general greatness but I can still blog some shit. That's what we're doing today.)
disclaimer: there are swear words.

So, it's "Let's Blog Some Shit" Volume 2. And I had to do some inner debating before this post. I received a comment on my vlog the other day from someone saying that they were truly disappointed in me for "swearing". A total stranger is truly disappointed in me. I'm sorry, do I know you? How is someone so personally invested in someone they don't even know, enough to be "truly disappointed" in them? I'm disappointed in my kids for not listening or my dog for busting through the screen door; not people I read on the internet! Well regardless, this still really bothered me...for all 5 seconds. At first, this made me feel bad that I had offended someone. Obviously in a "Favorite Products" video, the intention is not to offend anybody. It's not exactly a "hot" topic with much room for angering someone. Or so I thought. Still, somehow I did and I felt bad...until I thought about it some more. (here comes the rant)  


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 1

So you may or may not be privy to the reasoning behind my blogging absence, i.e. a laptop that went kaput and a camera that is no longer in my possession, but these things will be solved very soon by my very own Mr and Mrs Bestie. Due to their relentless generosity (which they won't get off my back about...get a hold of yourself, guys!), I'll be gracing you with my awesomeness once more. But in the meantime, I am going to keep on keepin' on. I know my presence is wanted...nay, needed...in your life and I am happy to oblige. I'm just super giving like that. Unfortunately, I can't give you pictures with all of my fabulosity and general greatness but I can still blog some shit. That's what we're doing today. So...


My First Vlog!! Top 10 Favorite Products Under $5

 I told you a vlog was eventually coming! Can I get a little fanfare?? I was able to find 5 (or 15 but who's counting?) whole minutes of (almost) quiet AND have makeup on at the same time and thus this little beaut of a video was born. Actually it's not a beaut at all. In fact, I hang my head in shame at this embarrassment. I cannot even count the amount of times I say or "um" or "like". Annnnd I talk a whole lot. But if the future of this blog had been contingent on my first posts in those early days, I would not be blogging right now either. Those posts were horrid and I don't even know how I gained a single follower. But you gotta just check your dignity at the door, and push on. I mean, we've all got to start somewhere, right? Right.
So today I have partnered with Kallie at But First, Coffee.  She is so totally adorable and I absolutely love her videos. She is the inspiration behind my choice to vlog and for some reason (probably pity) she's agreed to collaborate with me. So stop by her YouTube channel and blog and show her some love...she deserves it after agreeing to be associated with this video!
Today we're bringing you our top 10 favorite products under $5. We are, as she says, drugstore divas and I love great products for a great price....my entire makeup arsenal is comprised of cheap finds so I'm sharing my top 10 with you lovlies. I'm sorry You're welcome. 


No Poo FAQ

Ok, so when I wrote my post about "No Poo Method", I had no idea it would blow up the way it did. I had just found this awesome thing, loved it, and wanted to share it. I never thought it would be my most read post with thousands of hits a day! It's crazy (and awesome) how many people are interested in it!
But with a lot of interest comes a lot of questions. People are interested in the No Poo Method but it's a pretty big thing to jump into. After a lifetime of using shampoo, getting rid of it can be intimidating and naturally everyone wants to know all about it before they make the switch.

Broke as a Joke

So I have been completely absent for an entire week. I'm sure you've noticed. Or I'd like to hope that someone noticed. But, I have a very legit reason as to why this is. My laptop is a piece and my screen now permanently looks like this...

Broken Acer Laptop Screen

Bunch of pretty blue lines aren't they? I have not even had this thing for a year! It has never been bumped, dropped or had anything spilled on it. Nothing. Moral of the story, don't under any circumstances buy an Acer. Yeah, that's right, I'm calling you out Acer! You and your crappy craftsmanship! 

It's not exactly an ideal situation for a blogger. I mean, I finally reached 500 followers and I can't even publicly congratulate myself properly. I know, right? I'm now also finding myself without a camera but that's a whole other conversation for another day. I'm working on a solution to both of these life threatening issues though. In the mean time, show my older posts some love, swing by my Instagram, read a book, watch TV, do some laundry. I'll be back soon and I promise I will 'wow' you once again!

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Le Tote: Orange Dream Cicle

 I don't have anything to talk to you about today because I've been crazy ass busy with birthday party planning. And in the midst of this annual insanity, it occurred to me that kids really don't give a shit. I mean honestly, all they want is a sugar high and some useless junk to unwrap. We, the parents, do this to ourselves.... We're going to Chuck E. Cheese next year.


Le Tote: Feather

They're faux. They're leather. They're feather. Yep, my feather shorts. Could you imagine real feather shorts? Anyway, I've debated on actually getting a pair of these for a while now. I kept seeing them on other people and they were so cute and could be styled a million different ways but I just thought they were too "edgy" for me. I'm glad to have been wrong. I'm loving my "feather" shorts.


Le Tote: Cobalt POP

It's Monday! And I'm in a much better mood than last week. Yaaaay. Mondays don't usually encourage a good mood but I had a good weekend. And by that, I mean I didn't do anything. We sat around the house eating chili and enjoying Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. I love Harry Potter weekend. I own all of the movies but I drop everything for HPW. All true Potter heads do, it's our thang. 

Aaaaand I began a project this weekend...for the blog...and I'm really excited about it. And I'm going to be a ball buster and make you wait to see what it is. Mwahahaha. Apparently this good mood comes with a side of evil...


Fancy Pants Nails: Reverse French Tip

I got another cheat for ya! I love the reverse french tip manicures but I was looking up tutorials and these crazy women are free-handing this stuff! I think I have established that I can do no such thing. But fear not! If there's a cheat, I will find it....and I did.

All American

So I finally have a post but I had no one to take the pictures so I had to revert back to the craptastic timer. Yay. The timer truly sucks. Firstly, the brick photographs so incredibly orange and clashes with everything. It is not really that color, I promise we don't live in a pumpkin. And second, I look awful! For a long time I just thought I wasn't photogenic because I always looked way crappier in pictures but then I realized it's something to do with using the timer. Once Justin started taking them, I looked normal. I promise I'm not making this up. I don't know what it is but the pictures don't lie, yo! So I'm wasting a perfectly cute outfit on "timer pictures" but I've been post-less for too long. Bear with me peeps...


Fall 'Pin'spiration

I know, I know. I've been a ghost around here. If you read yesterday's post, you understand. I promise I'm coming back with some OOTD posts. Until then, I've got some inspiration for ya. September has arrived and the time for fall is now. Meaning: I've been pinning like a mad woman for some fall 'pin'spiration. Here's a few of my favs...


A Beautiful Legacy

First, let me start by apologizing for my absence. I have definitely been neglectful of the blog. Going back to school has made a lot of things much more difficult...not just in terms of time management. Going back to school, for me, isn't just the start of another semester and adding more responsibility to my plate, it's continuing a goal I set for myself with the immense help of my grandma. Starting this first semester without her has been more difficult than I imagined. Without her, I'm realizing all the parts of my life she has touched and how much of my accomplishments I owe to her. Continuing without her is a daily struggle for me. 5 months later, I'm still trying to figure out how I feel and how to move forward. It's not always easy.
For those of you who are new to the blog, you may not know that I lost my grandma in April...


August Style

So this month I thought I'd do something different and put all of my outfits from the month of August together in one post. Just a little recap if you will. I like to be able to look back and see what worked and what didn't. It's the good, the bad and the ugly ya'll. 

Full Post


Kiss Lashes

It's 2 beauty product reviews in 1 week! Wha? Just like the Kiss Gradation Polishes I reviewed earlier this week, I was sent these lashes because I rock. No seriously, these were a gift for my kick ass review on the Spring Voxbox.


Lace, Take Two

Yes, I did just wear these shorts last week. And yes, I am wearing them again already. In my defense, I did warn you that they would be worn with unnatural frequency. They can be worn so many different ways. Same shorts, very different look. Plus, I've gotten complimented on these shorts more than anything I've worn, and who doesn't love compliments??


Fancy Pants Nails With Kiss Gradation Polishes

So the people over at Influenster thought I was so fabulous and my review on the Spring Voxbox was so awesome, they sent me a Kiss Gradation Polish kit as a "high five, you go girl". Pretty sweet. I'm pretty bad when it comes to nail art so if there is a product that can make it easier, I'm all for it! Let's check it out, shall we!

The kit comes with 3 polishes that are "specially formulated" for the gradient effect. I didn't know how well I was going to be able to pull this off because I have to use the make-up sponge cheat for ombre nails. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical on how this "specially formulated" polish was going to help my inept abilities of nail painting. I'm just that bad!


Neon Flair

The weather is cooling off and it's time to break out the ol' denim jacket again. Here I am lamenting over summer's passing again. Just you wait until the cold weather really sets in...then you're really going to see some "woe is me" posts. Maybe I should just move south...


50 Shades of Grey

Yes, this title was inspired by the book but only because it's catchy and it fit, not because I like the book. I got about halfway through the first book and realized everything seemed a little familiar. Basically, it's a Twilight replica with a masochist instead of a vampire. I mean, if you're going to copy a book, at least pick a good one! Amirite??


Polka Dot Perfection

So hey, big news! This skirt apparently has pockets! And I am apparently an idiot because I have had this skirt for nearly a year and had no idea that this skirt contained this handy-dandy feature. So yeah. there's that. Wow.


Why We Chose to Homeschool

  My husband and I came together to make the difficult choice on whether or not to homeschool. It was a subject we discussed and researched at length before we made our final decision; there are so many different things to consider when making such a big change and it involves a lot of work. It's definitely not a choice we made lightly. For something that will shape and alter our child's entire life, this had to be an informed decision with no stone left unturned. In our case, we were very fortunate to be close with people who had already pioneered this path. We had the opportunity to speak to people who had already done the work and adopted this lifestyle. We were able to pick their brains and learn from their experiences. We were very lucky to have these resources available to us. After such exploring and debating, we decided it was the best choice for us, for our child, for our family. For us, it gave us an opportunity to choose what and how our child learns, the ability to play to her strengths, the ability to spend more time as a family, and the ability to work at her pace. 

Why We Chose to Homeschool

There are many other like-minded parents who support and share our decision to homeschool but there are also a lot of parents who just cannot, and do not, understand this choice. For most parents who have not done this research or explored these options, it seems to be seen as an unfair method of sheltering our kids. Lack of "socialization" is the concern I hear most and they see it almost as a cruelty to our child. I have frequently found myself in a conversation with a, let's call them "traditional", parent and as I'm explaining our choice, they look at me like I have 2 heads. This conversation usually begins with them "finding out" that we homeschool, like it's our dark dirty secret. Homeschool to other parents seems to be some archaic, barbaric method of educating our kids and they just cannot understand how we could do that to our child. Public school is what's "normal" to them and choosing to homeschool makes us "weird" in their eyes. I'm sure. if you're a homeschooling parent, you've had a similar experience. But they are completely unaware of how homeschool works.


I Want: Transition to Fall

I've already said my sad farewells to summer this year. We still have warm weather but the seasons are starting to change. You can smell it in the air and the leaves are starting to turn. School is back in and the time for pools is gone. As sad as it is and as much as I absolutely loathe winter, I actually really like fall. One of the main reasons being fall fashion. I love the warm, rich colors. And I don't like the cold but I absolutely love a cozy sweater on a cool autumn day. So now is the time for transition pieces. Here are a few of my favs that I've got my eye on...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Just Jeans

Not boyfriend jeans, not skinny jeans. Not colored or printed or distressed. Just jeans. They still exist! And they're perfect for functionality and showing off my shirt. Which I love. I've become a real fan of floral print. I used to not own anything floral. It's a frilly print and it just wasn't me. But, I don't rule out anything anymore and I dress how I feel. Your mood changes, why shouldn't your style?

Wordless Wednesday: Fabulosity

My "Wordless" Wednesday has quite a few words this week. But they're very important words! My very bestest friend is preggers!! 
And since it's finally public knowledge, I can finally say how thrilled I am for one of my most very favorite people in the world! To you, she is a complete stranger but to me, she has been an significant and essential part of my life and I feel like I'm announcing my own pregnancy! Which ain't happening, don't get excited. 


Lace, the Fabric of Our Lives

Are you singing it? "The touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives" Yeah, I'm not deaf. I know it's cotton but I like lace better. So let's talk about these shorts...I have been wanting a pair of lace shorts for months. I didn't get them because I just couldn't style them enough ways in my head to make them  "versatile" and as a poor person, versatility is imperative. Ya'll know I'm poor. But then I decided to indulge anyway and was really surprised.


Help a Sista Out!

OK, so I've changed my blog's design a couple times in the last month already. I told you guys, I'm squirmy. And I am incredibly indecisive. It's probably a good thing I can't afford plastic surgery. Nah I'm sayin? So anyway, I visit numerous blogs every single day and everyone has such beautiful blog designs and get to hatin on my own. In the moment I'm coming up with a blog design, I love it. Best design ever. But once I settle on one I think, man I should have gone with another one! So I need your help. I've put my design options together in "blog" format so you can see what the finished result would be and I need a vote. Maybe if I can get enough people to agree that the one I choose is top dog, I might stick with it for longer than a month....well, here's hoping. 


Le Tote: Purple Print

Le Tote blazer khaki

I have literally nothing to tell you today. I wish I could say it's because I've been busy solving world hunger but if I'm being honest, I've been busy watching reality TV. Yeah, I said it. My days, which used to have free time for blogging, are now filled with homeschool and my nights have prior engagements with Dance Moms, Real Housewives and Chelsea Lately. Not to mention the True Blood I have to keep up with. It's exhausting! No seriously though, I'll get my time management under control. Until then, check out Le Tote!


Le Tote: Summer Blues

 You know, with school being back in, I am realizing just how terribly I'm going to miss summer. Summer is my absolute favorite for numerous reasons...firstly, no cold. I'm cold natured anyway and winter is brutal. And #2: the sun! Winter has no sun at all. It's a mix between overcast and night and it's de-press-ing! Aww woe is me. Sweet summer, I am going to miss you!

BIIIIG change for the Blincoe household....
This school year is going to be a little different for us, too. We've decided to homeschool our youngest. She's heading to our basement kindergarten and I thought it'd be the easiest to figure out if this is the right choice for our family. We didn't send her to preschool because I worked with her and she is now a grade level ahead. We've got an entire classroom set up and have all the classroom materials we need. But as kindergarten marks the first year of "real" school, I'm feeling pressure. Each of my children have different struggles with school and ideally I'd like to homeschool them all but I think I need an "easy" year under my belt to decide if it's going to be beneficial for all of them and whether to continue. Any of you moms homeschoolers? Or have any great online resources? I've been stalking Pinterest like nobodies business and I have found some great ideas but I am still completely intimidated. If I'm just using workbooks without any hands-on "creativity" I might as well send them to school! Our entire purpose is to provide them resources and experiences traditional school just can't give them. It's as much a learning experience for me as it is for her! Preschool was one thing but now we're heading into the big leagues! Trust me, this isn't the last you'll hear of our homeschooling adventures...

Le Tote leopard print scarf style outfit


Le Tote: Multi Maxi

Le Tote multi-color maxi sheer fedora style outfit

Le Tote has made me one happy chick again! I am positively enamored with this skirt...this entire outfit really. I asked my husband what he thought and he said "Well...it's colorful." aka "I don't care for it." But what does he know? Absolutely nothing. 


OWB Week: Candy {Giveaway}

Today is finally the day! The giveaway from Our World Boutique is finally open! One of you lucky winners will be walking away with all 5 necklaces that were featured this week! Sweeeeet...

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