High Heels and Training Wheels: Fancy Pants Nails With Kiss Gradation Polishes



Fancy Pants Nails With Kiss Gradation Polishes

So the people over at Influenster thought I was so fabulous and my review on the Spring Voxbox was so awesome, they sent me a Kiss Gradation Polish kit as a "high five, you go girl". Pretty sweet. I'm pretty bad when it comes to nail art so if there is a product that can make it easier, I'm all for it! Let's check it out, shall we!

The kit comes with 3 polishes that are "specially formulated" for the gradient effect. I didn't know how well I was going to be able to pull this off because I have to use the make-up sponge cheat for ombre nails. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical on how this "specially formulated" polish was going to help my inept abilities of nail painting. I'm just that bad!

The colors they sent me were these silvery colors. I'm cool with that. I like 
shimmery nails from time-to-time and the silver is a great neutral color that can go with anything. But, if you're looking for something a little more bold and adventerous, the kits also come in blue, pink and gold.

The instructions are right on the back of the package and they're fairly easy to understand....yet grasping the concept and executing the concept are 2 very different things. So how did I do?

  1. Paint your entire nail with the Step 1 polish. Let the polish dry completely in between coats and before you move to Step 2.
  2. Paint the top third of your nail with the Step 2 polish.
  3. Before the Step 2 polish dries, paint the top half of the nail with the Step 3 polish.
  4. Bonus: Add the top coat of your choice over the entire nail. 

*Tip* I painted my top coat before the Step 3 had dried entirely and it helped to further blend out the colors a little more and give it more of that subtle "ombre" effect.

Surprisingly enough, I was able to pull it off! Turns out their "special formula" actually makes blending the colors and getting that gradient effect very easy. Even for me! I did exactly as the instructions said and it turned out beautifully. I would make one addition to the kit, however, and that's a top coat. I didn't top coat initially and within a few hours all of my nails had chipped. Every single one. SO I would recommend the Kiss Gradation Polishes but only if you're planning on adding a top coat to it. Any polish with a glitter, especially a chunky glitter, needs something on top to seal those sparkles down. After reapplying with a clear top coat, these nails lasted the better part of a week. So overall? A+!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product courtesy of Influenster. All views and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I like this review. How do you find the glitter nail polish, I always have a hard time taking it off.... the glitter seems to like to stick to my nails!

  2. I haven't tried that polish yet but it looks very cool.

  3. SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Nail Polish Remover is the best I have ever tried when it comes to removing glitter polish.

  4. Love this effect, so pretty. I'll have to try it.



  5. I would have to go with Marla's suggestion because I just use regular nail polish remover and it takes me about half the bottle and 20 cotton balls...so yeah, go with Marla's suggestion! ;)

  6. It turned out pretty good and I am TERRIBLE at doing nails! I hope they come out with more color combos!

  7. This look so cool and professional...i'm definitely going to have to look for these.

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  9. That mani turned out crazy cool. What an awesome effect!


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