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No Poo Means Grey Hair? No Way!

Hey guys! I've got another No Poo post for you! I know, they never end! But, if you're a No Pooer, you know that a lot of things about your hair care change and it's not always black and white; there's quite a bit of grey area (I threw that last bit in just for the pun). Hair dye is a particularly "ify" subject in terms of No Poo and I get asked about it often.

Now, I am not a No Poo "expert"; I don't know if there even is such a thing, but I do have a lot of people ask me questions and I just try to answer them the best I can based on my personal experiences. Hair dye is one of those questions and I definitely have the experience!

No Poo's main goal is to give you healthier hair while trying to avoid harsh chemicals. And hair dye? Well, you can't get much more harsh than that! Using it is a personal choice you have to make for yourself. Could my hair be healthier without it? Absolutely. Am I secure enough to let my grey hair flag fly? Absolutely not. Using dye is a choice I've made with the knowledge that using it is damaging my hair. I know this. Whether or not you choose to use it is a decision you have to make but you need to make it with that same knowledge; it will damage your hair. Do I suggest it to anyone? No, I can't say that I would. But if you're like me and feel like you need it, I can share with you how I configure it into my No Poo routine so you can decide how to work it into yours.


DIY: Trash to Treasure

Hey guys! I've got something a little different again for you today. Last week I shared some of my interior inspiration since I'm in the middle of a move and trying to make a new house into a home. Today I'm sharing one of the many DIY projects on my list. I love DIYing around the home. When it comes to just going out and buying some mass produced furniture piece or making your own, I always prefer to do it myself. It's work you either like or you don't but personally, I love building and creating my own special pieces! I love the sweat and tears that go into it and I love the pride and glory that comes out of it. I'm not afraid to get my hands a little dirty!

So since we have downsized and the kids are now sharing a room, I needed a sleeping arrangement for more than one. I really am not a fan of bunk beds so when I found these pallet beds I knew they the perfect solution.


Monday, Monday, Monday

I don't have anything for you this Monday morning. I know, what's new? I promise I've got loads coming your way soon but this week I'm on blogging break. Are you guys tired of hearing that yet? I keep promising some awesomeness is coming....and then it doesn't. This time it's legit though! We've moved! I spent all last week/weekend packing and boxing up, relocating and now trying to make some sense of the chaos that is our new homestead. 

Moving is never fun; it's a hassle. I spend weeks exhausted and sore all over. BUT at the same time, isn't it just a little bit exciting?? I love having a blank slate to put our stamp on. I can't give you a sneek peak yet but how bout some of my inspiration? I've been stalking Pinterest like my life depends on it and I have, undoubtedly, found so many amazing ideas...



The time has come for another voxbox! I say this every time but I absolutely love these boxes from Influenster! I love not knowing what you're going to get and being completely surprised when you open it up. I always get to try something I might not have otherwise purchased in the store and I've discovered quite a few great products this way.

This particular box is the UniVoxBox and it's products are geared to all us college goers....even if I am a 30 year old mom and wife. Hey, I'm like those ITT Tech commercials "If I can go back, so can you!"  I know, my life's impressive.

1. Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure
2. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
3. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
4. Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer
5. NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuschia
6. Pilot Acroball PureWhite


Does Mother Nature Take Bribes?

Or maybe some encouragement? My way of thinking was maybe bright colors would inspire her to warm up. Or at least take her meds. This warming up for a day and freezing again is just cruel and unusual and frankly I'm just fed up. Can I get an amen? I know the rest of you are feeling me! This winter has been out for blood!


No Poo Part 2

I'm a squirmy kind of gal; it's just who I am. There are some things in which I always adhere to the "don't fix what ain't broke" motto and other things I just can't sit still with. What if there's something even better out there? What if I'm missing it? Sometimes something can work great and I can be happy with it but I still want to venture into those potential "greener pastures"; No Poo was no exception.

The most common form of No Poo is the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method. I have used this method for almost a year and I have been satisfied with the results (if you're new here, I recommend checking out my original No Poo post first!) BUT there are other forms of No Poo out there and they were just begging me to give them a try. So what am I using now and how is it working out?

I've recently switched to the honey wash; this is exactly what the name implies: honey. Honey originally turned me off in the beginning because using a sticky, sweet goop in my hair just seemed like a terrible idea. It seemed as though this would just create a mess and be impossible to rinse out. More importantly, how was this runny slop going to clean my hair? The odds did not sound good and I wasn't eager to find out otherwise.

In the end, my curiosity got the best of me and I have used the honey wash 4 times now. So far, I am very impressed! Now 4 washes may not sound like a lot but you gotta think, I'm only washing my hair once a week so that's a month I've been using it. I'm sure I will still need time to decide if this is the best option for me in the long run but right now I am loving it!

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