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The time has come for another voxbox! I say this every time but I absolutely love these boxes from Influenster! I love not knowing what you're going to get and being completely surprised when you open it up. I always get to try something I might not have otherwise purchased in the store and I've discovered quite a few great products this way.

This particular box is the UniVoxBox and it's products are geared to all us college goers....even if I am a 30 year old mom and wife. Hey, I'm like those ITT Tech commercials "If I can go back, so can you!"  I know, my life's impressive.

1. Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure
2. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation
3. Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
4. Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer
5. NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuschia
6. Pilot Acroball PureWhite

This is not my first experience with the imPRESS manicure set. I received these once before in another Voxbox. I loved them the first time around so I was really excited to see these in this box!

My first imPRESS set

(You can check out my first review on them here.) As much as I like the nails themselves, I absolutely hated the style of the pair they sent me before. I really like this fun ombre pair though! They come with 12 different sizes so finding the right fit was easy. They're also fairly pliable and bendable so unlike other press-ons, they don't break or snap off which makes the wear time a lot longer. They really do hold up through all of my "mom duties". I scrubbed a tub and did dishes and they didn't budge. I got the "short length" and they were perfect for me. Also they're really great if you're not willing to make the "fake nail commitment". These don't damage your natural nails at all so there's no awkward period after you remove them. The one thing I hated about fake nails was having to constantly reapply a new set or deal with your nails being scratched and filed but these aren't damaging and are very easy to remove. As I said last time, I don't wear fake nails often but I do love these and will definitely buy these in the store!

This isn't my first experience with this product either! I was definitely not disappointed to see it though! I did a previous video review and application on this one here. However, my feelings on this has somewhat changed. When I first reviewed this I liked it overall but I felt like made my pores look larger. That's something I really look for in a foundation so I just decided this wasn't the foundation for me. Here I had this full tube though and I just couldn't let it go to waste! After playing around with it and applying it different ways, this has become one of my favorite foundations! So much so that I was almost completely out and was going to have to go buy another. Now I don't have to! The arrival of this was perfect timing!

This foundation is the lightest feeling foundation I have ever worn. It's so light and airy on your skin; it doesn't feel like you even have anything on. BUT even though it's light to wear, it comes out of the tube really thick so a little really goes a long way. Great for stretching your dollar! Sometimes I will wear this with a powder but other times I don't; it truly is mattifying so you really don't have to. Another great way to stay on a budget! It has a really great coverage as well so my need for concealer has greatly decreased. Definitely a time saver! I've really come to love this foundation and I haven't used anything else in so long. If you're looking for a new foundation, I highly recommend this one!

What can I say about these? I've always been of the mindset that a tampon is a tampon. With that said, I haven't used one in over 5 years. After I had my daughter, I got an IUD and I haven't had a period in all that time. (best 5 years ever!) Is that TMI? I mean, we're talking about tampons here; everything is TMI! I will say though that when I opened my Voxbox my first thought was "What smells so good in here?!" and turns out it was these! So if scent is something you're looking for in a tampon, these smell pretty dang good!

I am a tea snob. There, I've said it. I don't drink sodas, I only drink tea; coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. However, I only drink very specific teas. When I go to any restaurant, my drink order is always preceded with "Is your tea fresh brewed?" I cannot abide fountain or canned or premixed tea in any way, shape, or form. Sorry Nestea, Snapple, Arizona and all you other brands out there; I just can't do it. So when I saw this in my box, I instantly tossed it to my husband, "Hey, you want to try this for me?" and of course, he obliged.

Now my husband is not a fan of "sugar free" or "low sugar" or artificial sugar" things. With that said, his reaction was "Not bad." So from him, that's a glowing recommendation!

I was so super excited to find this in my box! I am a huge fan of lipstick so I am always looking to explore new brands and colors. Sadly, as much as I love trying new lipsticks, I had never tried any of NYC's. The color they sent is perfect for the spring and upcoming summer season. I just recently wore it here and it was the perfect compliment to my bright spring colors!

The formula does feel a little waxy going on and in my experience, lipsticks that have that feeling tend to wear off more quickly and rub off on everything. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one, despite that feeling, did not do that. The wear time is good and it goes on fairly opaque, which is a plus. At $1.99 I think this is a brand I will definitely be checking out in the future!

It's a pen. That was my first reaction. I tossed it aside and continued rummaging through my box. After coming back to it though, I was ashamed of my initial dismissal. Do you have that one pen that is the pen? No? Well me and my husband have this pen that was sent in the mail ages ago from our insurance company and we constantly fight over it. Yeah, over a pen. There's just something about the way it writes that makes writing fun. Are we lame? Yes. But now I have my own awesome pen! Take that, husband!

Is this going to make your handwriting prettier or the all of the answers on your tests right? Nah. But it is fun to write with!

So overall I thought this was a great box. Other than my lack of need for tampons, everything was great. My husband even got some tea out of it! If you would like your piece of Voxbox fun, let me know in the comments! I have a few more invites and I'd be happy to let you in our super secret society! ;)

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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