High Heels and Training Wheels: July 2014



I'll Take an Order of Lace, With a Side of Lace

There is no denying that I love lace. I wear it frequently. I always find that on those "I have nothing to wear" days, lace is always an easy, go-to choice to fall back on because it always looks good and it can jazz up darn near everything. Plain pair of jeans? Lace. Shorts? Lace. Skirt? Lace. And does lace ever go out of style? I'm pretty sure lace has no expiration date. This particular top is sweet and feminine because of the lace fabric but edgy (and dare I say) a little bit sexy because of the cut and color. It could easily transform to fit any style and you know me, I love "easy"! When deciding how to wear it today though, I thought what better to pair with it but more lace?

Lace Top c/o Choies *ONLY $13.99!* // Lace Shorts c/o Oasap *ONLY $8.90!* // Bag- Target // Heels- Shoe Dazzle


What's Your Style?

Have you ever been presented with this question? There are all these categories; classic, bohemian, feminine, casual, preppy, traditional, sporty, etc., etc. but where do you fit? Where do I fit?


Turn a Negative into a Positive: The Secret to A Happier You

I wake up in the morning ready to carpe the sheet out of the diem. I start everyday this way. It's a new day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are endless possibilities. I can make this day my biatch! So, wait, what happened? Why don't I feel ready to take on the world? In fact, I never do. My mind is always plagued with worry and all of my "problems" are always circling around in my head. The damn diem never gets carped! But, why?
how positive affirmations can change your life
 The last year has been a whirlwind for me. It started when my grandma passed away and seemed to snowball from there. My relationships, friendships, marriage, state of mind and even my blog started to slip. Nothing was ever going to be right again after she left so why even bother? I made an effort to put on a pretty face for the rest of the world because that's what was expected but inside I always felt like a big ball of negativity. And well, negativity breeds negativity. Maybe the rest of the world bought my happy exterior (maybe they didn't) but the universe seemed to knew better and the hits just kept on coming.

I felt like every step I took forward, I got shoved two (or twelve) steps back. I kept wondering how I was ever going to get ahead like this. How am I supposed to think positive when negative things keep happening?? And how am I supposed to be productive and solve these problems when I can't get my head out of this downward spiral? But then I thought, maybe my negative thoughts were having an effect on the negative happenings too. Could I be perpetuating this cycle? Maybe I could control some of this. Some times bad things just happen and there's nothing we can do to change them; the death of a loved one isn't something we can change and it's definitely something you can make yourself crazy with. All of those "what ifs" can be toxic. Those thoughts can majorly effect our mental state; I know this personally. But what about that snowball effect? Does it have to happen that way? Does one bad happening have to spawn a continuous series of bad happenings? Maybe we don't have to be completely out of control on how these things effect us. And, heck, maybe we can even encourage good things to happen too! So, I went out on a (skeptical) limb and found some really surprising results!

So what did I do? What's the secret? How did I turn these negatives into positives? It's going to sound cheesy but stick with me...

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