High Heels and Training Wheels: What's Your Style?



What's Your Style?

Have you ever been presented with this question? There are all these categories; classic, bohemian, feminine, casual, preppy, traditional, sporty, etc., etc. but where do you fit? Where do I fit?

Stripe Tee c/o ROMWE // Chiffon Skater Skirt c/o Choies // Leopard Pumps- Charlotte Russe

I honestly have no idea what "category" I fit into. A fact that has plagued me since beginning this fashion evolution journey. I struggled with putting things together and knowing what pieces to buy because I didn't know what I should be buying for my niche. Some days I'm drawn to a flowy feminine dress (or skirt, like I'm wearing today) and others, a leather jacket. Maybe today I want a slouchy beanie and a pair of converse and tomorrow I want a pair of ballet flats and a hair bow. Where do I fit in?

Everywhere....Or nowhere. I don't need a "style", I like what I like no matter what "category" it falls into. I think defining one's style is limiting. I find the thought of a category, for me, is confusing and restricting so I have finally allowed myself the freedom of buying what I like, just because I like it. It has been so liberating!

This skirt is one of those things. I saw it and thought "What am I going to wear it with? Where am I going to wear it?". But then I decided to just go for it because (at only $17!) I was just too in love with it and I am never going to figure out "my style" if I keep limiting myself! Fashion is supposed to be fun! Who cares where I wear it? As long as I feel good, I will always look good! And let me just say, I'm so glad I went for it because I look and feel amazing! Maybe next time I'll pair it with some converse or maybe it'll be a frilly, feminine shirt. I don't know....and that's the beauty of it!

What do you guys think? Do you have a style? Do you fall into a category? I'd love to hear what you think!

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