High Heels and Training Wheels: March 2014



Pinning for the Win

It's another outfit post! I really have to give myself a pat on the back for my consistency; something I've been lacking here lately. Granted it's only been 2 weeks but it's still more than there has been around this ghost town. I'm hoping the change in the seasons will re-inspire my will to put together outfits and motivation to photograph them. I hate cold weather anyway and this winter has been particularly Brutal. With a capital B!

Speeeaaaking of photographing them, my husband had a long day on the softball field and immediately came home for a nap. I couldn't let my well-thought-out outfit go to waste so I enlisted the help of my 5 year old. So while you're perusing through and maybe thinking these look a little less than perfect, remember a very small child took them...I have to applaud her effort and stand by her for helping me out in a bind ;)


Today's the day! My baby's 6!

How did this happen??!

My littlest baby is now 6 *sniff sniff* and I'm feeling all those sentimental mom feels; Where did the time go? How did she get so big? My baby is growing up too fast! So every year, in a desperate attempt to hold onto who she is "right now", I ask her a series of questions and document her answers. They never cease to entertain. Never.


The Giver That Keeps on Giving...Until She Doesn't

Odd title for a post. You're wondering what it means. Well, let me regale you with the tragic tale...don't worry though, it has a happy ending!

Once upon a time, in the year 1990, my adorable little sister was born. I loved her dearly; if only for the fact that she was a girl. (My brother received no such love...poor guy) I loved her tiny fingers and her tiny toes. I snuggled her up and kissed her cheeks; I was thrilled to finally have a sister. However, quickly after her arrival, the novelty of said sister wore off and we became the typical feuding siblings that sisters usually are. 6 years was a huge age gap when we were kids and she cramped my "cool" style. I just couldn't have any of that.


Playlist of the Week: Go do Some Dishes (ya, old granny you!)

This is a fashion/beauty blog but it's also MY blog. And I've let it become boring. The horror!! So in lieu of the deafening silence that's been plaguing these parts from lack of style inspiration, I'm branching out and giving you my playlist for the week because it's put a little pep in my step. This is also my soundtrack for cleaning; makes doing the dishes a little less brutal. My kids are cringing at my "old" music. I thought being "old" and "lame" would feel different but I'm just relishing in their annoyance. Mom of the year right here!! Tell me you can't turn up "Nothing Compares" at top volume, belting in your best Sinéad, and not feel amaze? So if you're as "old" as I am, this one's for you!

(This was a "commonly misheard lyric" for me...I only just realized this year that it's "broken glass" instead of "gonna get back". Hey, I was like 5...)

(This is the ONLY song my kids like....because they're little Labyrinth fanlings like me. David Bowie in those tights; that mullet; that glitter! Swoon!)


No Spend Spring: No Money, No Problem

Today is the first day of spring! That puts me in a "Hells yeah!" kinda mood! Except....slow your roll partner....it's only 40°! However, I know (or am hoping rather) some spring weather is around the corner and I'm ready to hurl myself into spring fashion.

But wait! I have to pump the breaks again, I have NO money to spend on a new season of clothes! I've got a certain little girl's birthday party to fund AND we're in the middle of a move. I repeat: I have NO money to spend on clothes! However, I've decided that rather than letting that bring me down, I'm going to make what I already have work into spring 2014.

I've always had the mindset that I need to restock my closet with every new season and when I can't, that bums me out. Especially when all of the stores are proudly displaying all these beautiful new pieces and fellow bloggers are rocking their new purchases. It's so hard not to want a piece of that! So this season is all about retraining my brain; looking at what I've already got in a whole new way. I've been on a serious hunt for inspiration on new ways to rock what I've already got in my closet. After going through all of my long-forgotten pins, I've found tons of great inspiration and outfits made entirely out of pieces I already own. So now, rather than to be bummed about my lack of funds, I'm excited to try things in new ways. Maybe I can be that 1 blogger out of a million who can inspire you NOT to go shopping this season! :)

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Yo, It's About That Time...

...to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme. Nah, I'm kidding. This isn't an ode to Marky Mark. Although, those abs do deserve a moment of silence..............ok, silence over. Actual topic today is about being time for a hair cut. After 3 years, I'm ready to chop this beast off!

It's been a good 3 years... but it's ooooover noooow (tune: It Must Have Been Love, if you couldn't guess) 

Like all of my haircuts to date, I have no idea what I want. That's where you lovely readers come in; to help this handicapped, indecisive, hot mess that is me.  I have plenty of options to choose from, but that's the problem. Having options is generally a good thing until you become overwhelmed with the sheer number of them. So I'm just going to lay all these out and you're going to tell me which direction you think I should swing. Capisce? Capisce.


Cosmo Asks: What Is It Really Like To Be A Fat Woman?

Now you may be wondering what in the hell I could possibly know about being "fat". (I have to use quotations....I hate that word and I feel that it's so very subjective....just like pretty, ugly, thin, beautiful; we all see things differently) There's no denying that I'm "small" (again, I have to use quotations!) and I always have been. Just as some girls struggle to keep their weight down, I have always struggled to keep my weight up. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am not one of those attention seekers who cry "fat" on the regular, fishing for compliments and looking to receive a chorus of "OMG, you're sooo not fat! You look amazinnnng!". I know that I have genetically lucked out. So then why would I be posting about what it's like to be "fat", when I admittedly know nothing about it?



Coco Made Me Do It: GIVEAWAY!

Sooooo, I'm a liar. Here I made this big triumphant return to fashion and made a huge deal about how I was back and ready to rumble.....and then I disappeared again. I know, I know. I'm horrible. I hang my head in shame. 

So, to make up for it, how about a giveaway? Does that get me off the hook? Yes? No? I hope so! ROMWE is offering one of you lovely ladies this "Coco Made Me Do It" tee. I want one for myself! I've been on the look out for a simple printed tee with a great phrase and this one is perfect


No 'Poo vs. Chlorine

Hey, guys! I have another No 'Poo post to help get you through more of those daily obstacles! We know by now that No Poo is great for you for so many reasons; however, it doesn't always make the best of friends with other things that find their way into our hair. Chlorine is a known evil to your beautiful, healthy locks but it can become even more troublesome to us No Poo users. We're still stuck in winter right now but with spring break just around the corner, Chlorine is about to start causing problems for us. So how can you enjoy those lovely pools and hot tubs and such? Well, there's a couple ways!

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