High Heels and Training Wheels: July 2013



OWB Week: Daisy

It's day 3 of OWB week! As if you weren't expecting that after day 1 and day 2. But I thought I'd announce it anyway, just in case. Ya know, just trying to help a sista out. This might be my favorite necklace. And you know how I love my puns and "Driving Miss Daisy" was perfect with daisy. But guuurl I ain't no driving miss daisy so "Little Miss" it is.

OWB Week: Cherry

Our World Boutique "Cherry" Necklace

It's day 2 of OWB week! (Check out day 1 here) This necklace is awesomesauce and it's definitely the "cherry on top" of, what would otherwise have been, a very plain outfit. I have a major lack of red in my closet and the necklace and wedges are a nice subtle way of sneaking it in there.


OWB Week: Mint

 Our World Boutique Mint Bubble Necklace

Bubble Mint Gum..get it? Like double mint gum but it's bubble...because it's a bubble necklace. Seriously, these puns are my favorite part of the day. I have a very sophisticated sense of humor. Alright! Today kicks off OWB (Our World Boutique) week! OWB is one of my fabulous new sponsors and they have sent me, not one, but 5 necklaces to share with you lovely ladies! 5! And what's the best part? One of you lucky gals will be walking away with all 5! Holla at ya girl! So all week long I am featuring these little beauts and on Friday the giveaway will open for you to get your chance to win.


A Fair Affair

 I just love my post titles sometimes. I kill myself. I thought about 'The Thuggish Ruggish Bone'. Get it? Because of the skulls....bone. No? Ok. Well I wore this to the fair. And it was an affair. So does that work better for you, sassy pants?

Wordless Wednesday: Summer is for...

It's Wordless Wednesday!

And today is all about the 4H! And for us it was twice as nice because we went, not one, but two nights. It's literally right down the road from us; we could have walked there....of course we didn't because walking at the fair is exercise is enough. Amirite??


Get in My Closet!

I want everything! I want it all! No seriously, I've never done one of these posts so I've complied it all together and now I look like a covetous, greedy little snot. But, I still want it...unapologetically. Which is apparently not a word. Or so the red squiggly line on spell check tells me...but that's neither here nor there. So, let's take a look at what I need in my closet!

Persun Mall Clothes
  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9


Easy (No Curling Iron Needed) Beach Waves

It's summer and we all want beach waves. I don't have a beach but dang it, I want the waves anyway! I tried for a really long time with a curling iron and it just wasn't the same. You could totally tell that I hadn't been to the beach! (In case that didn't efficiently come across as sarcasm, I don't really think I'm going to fool anyone into thinking I've actually been to the beach. Just FYI) So if your curling iron is letting you down too or (gasp) your curling iron went out, you can still get your waves.


What's Up, Holla and Thank You...

to all my (new) sponsors! Since opening up to sponsoring, I have a great new group of ladies and brands that took pity liked me enough to be a part of High Heels. Who are they? Well, let me tell you...

Want to join this lovely group of ladies? Well, for 30 days you can give it a go...for FREE! Yeah, I said free! Pop on over to my sponsor page to check out all my sizes and other perks or email me directly at lindsey.blincoe [at] gmail [dot] com for your free code!

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Le Tote: Business in the Front...


A total party in the back! No, I'm not talking about a mullet. In fact, if you have a mullet, cut that ish immediately! Then you can come back and read my blog. But seriously, I L-O-V-E this shirt! Really, how fun is this shirt? And, dare I say, sexy? (gasp!) Mom's can't be sexy! But guess what? This mom just rocked some sexy. As Mr Timberlake says, I'm bringin it back! Booyah!


Wordless Wednesday: Playing Catch Up

I'm so very behind on my WW posts (it happens, right?) so we're catching up for the month of July...in case you weren't burnt out on fireworks and red,white and blue already, here's some more!


Aww Crap...

So my blog has decided to have a little moment and now, for no good reason, none of my page links are working. So sweet, right? I'm working to fix it and will have it functioning ASAP. I apologize on behalf of my blog for it's erratic behavior. I promise, she's getting a firm talking to!

Le Tote: Supa Dupa Fly

Me I'm supa fly, supa dupa fly (I can't stand the rain) Takin' it back old school style with a little Missy E today. She has literally nothing to do with this outfit other than they're both fly. I think that's reason enough to quote Miss Elliot, don't you?


Le Tote: One Shirt, Two Ways

It's the debut of my Le Tote loot! I introduced you to Le Tote last week and this week I'm featuring all of the pieces from my first tote. The first is this flowy, lavender top.



Sometimes, you just want to go simple. I think that sometimes I over think what I'm going to wear so keeping it simple was a nice and easy change of pace. Can you go wrong with black and white? It's always a trend that's in style. I just got the top because I have been wanting a classic stripe for a while. My daughter calls this my baby onesie because it's actually a bodysuit that snaps in the crotch. It's bizarre but I didn't have any problems with my shirt coming untucked!


Surprise! It's LE TOTE!

We break from your regularly scheduled "What I Wore Wednesday" post to bring you something even better! You remember last week (after complaining about the rain for 10 minutes) I said I had something exciting coming up? Well, this is it! LE TOTE! Have you heard about LE TOTE? Yeah, I hadn't either but it is seriously cool.
 Have you ever wanted to try a look but maybe it was just too much money to spend on an item or you just didn't think it was a look you could pull off? I suffer from a lack of adventurism in my style (and a major lack of money in my wallet) so I know this well. LE TOTE can help with that problem. Hopefully I don't sound like a hokey car salesman because I'm sharing something that is seriously wicked cool! This is one of my lengthier posts but I promise, you're going to want to stick with me on this!

For $49 a month, LE TOTE will send you 3 garments and 2 accessories. BUT you aren't limited to those 5 items, it's unlimited! Yeah, I said unlimited! Here's how it works...


Birthday Weekend

So how did my birthday go? Good, thanks for asking! I was dressed so much nicer with a fabulous pair of heels but the hubs was feeling the pressure to keep up so I casual-ed it down. The things we do for men!


Fancy Pants Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

I'm getting all kinds of fancy up in here! This is the SECOND nail tutorial I've done and for someone who sucks at nails, this is winning! That also goes to show you, that if you suck at nails too, you can fake it til you make it! Last time was Two Toned Nails, this time it's El Ombre (besties for life if you get that PeeWee's Playhouse reference)! This tutorial isn't the first of it's kind by any means. My purpose was really just to show you that anyone can do it. Seriously, anyone.


It's Ma Birfday!

 Well, the day is here. I'm officially 365 days away from being 30. I don't know why turning 30 seems so depressing to me. Maybe because my 20's have been so good to me? I mean, I'm leaving behind a decade that brought me my husband and kids! If I'm being honest I think it's because I'm crossing an invisible line that, in my mind, makes me officially old. Everyone else is 30 and fabulous, but it just makes me 30. Well, the countdown has started...I have a year to make peace it! ;) Until next time...
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Blazin' Blazer

Or cheesy cheesums. Don't you love the names I so creatively dub my outfits? That's total sarcasm if you didn't pick that up.


Trend Spin: Red, White and Blue

 Well, it's the 4th of July! I'm not a fan of red, white and blue if I'm being honest. It's so very unpatriotic of me but there it is. Best I could do is throw on some red lipstick but hey, it still adds up to red, white and blue!


To Peplum, or Not to Peplum?

floral bodycon coral tube top peplum
That is the question. It's funny how you have something (in my case, it's this floral bodycon mini) and never wear it because you have nothing to go with it and then BAM, you have 2 options that you can't decide on. I like them both for different reasons. I don't really think I have a favorite or think one is better than the other, they're just different. This peplum is fabulous though! What do you think?


Talk Color to Me

Kind of a play on "Talk Derby to me". I guess unless you're from a town who lives for Derby because that's the only thing that has ever happened around here, ever, you may not know that phrase. However, I'm sticking with it.

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