High Heels and Training Wheels: It's Ma Birfday!



It's Ma Birfday!

 Well, the day is here. I'm officially 365 days away from being 30. I don't know why turning 30 seems so depressing to me. Maybe because my 20's have been so good to me? I mean, I'm leaving behind a decade that brought me my husband and kids! If I'm being honest I think it's because I'm crossing an invisible line that, in my mind, makes me officially old. Everyone else is 30 and fabulous, but it just makes me 30. Well, the countdown has started...I have a year to make peace it! ;) Until next time...
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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope your days is as fabulous as you are!

  2. Happy Birthday! Way til 40 is looming over you...ha! Actually, my 40's have been my best decade by far, so really, you have something to look forward to!
    Debbie :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day.

  4. Happy Birthday. Being 30 is great. When I turned 30 I also thought about the important milestone but overall I was happy so don't sweat it. Plus, you look Fabulous.

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday weekend's going great!

  6. Happy 365 days to go! Enjoy them. New adventures starting with the number three await you but all will be fabulous!

  7. Hope you had a nice birthday! I just turned 30 this year and at first, I was really super depressed about it. But now I'm good with it. I still feel like a 20-something, so it's all good, right? ;)

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