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Patience at it's Finest

I am a whiner. I always have been. My mom used to tell me when I was a kid to stop whining, she wasn't going to speak to me until I stopped. I would reply back to her in my whiniest voice, "But I'm not whiniiiinnnnggg!!". I seriously whined so much, I had completely lost touch on how to speak normally and had no idea I was even doing it. (Sorry, mom!!) Well, I have since learned how to speak in a "normal" tone but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still guilty of the occasional whine. Today was one of those times.

Lace Peasant Dress c/o Oasap // Broad Brim Hat c/o Oasap // Ankle Boots c/o Oasap // Clutch c/o Oasap

I am a cold person by nature (temperature wise, not characteristically....although maybe that's debatable) but I do not do very well in heat either. Today was only something like 82 but with humidity levels at 68%, I was roasting like a pig. All I did the entire time we were taking these pictures was whine like my 6 year old self. I look back on it now and shudder at the shame of it; I was truly wretched to be near. Every 3 seconds something like "OMG could it be more hot out?" or "It's too humid, my face is just sliding off!" or "Is this really necessary? Mother Nature is such a B!" forcibly left my lips. But my poor husband, who gains no benefit from my blog and only does my pictures as a favor, stuck through the heat, whines, and complaints without a single whisper of irritation. That is some Gandhi-like patience guys. My anger and irritation was palpable but he stuck it out like a champ. Patience at it's finest! Thaaaaank yoooouu honey!

Ok, now that I've apologized and given him his due credit, let's discuss what I'm wearing. Notice a theme? Yeah, every single item is from Oasap. I began working with Oasap almost immediately following the start of this blog but I have continued because I love them! They have so much to offer and it's always at the best prices. I have been eyeing this dress for a while, it's the perfect transition piece to take me into the fall. However, I'm usually pretty bad about transitioning seasons. I'm at a complete loss in those in-between months. How do you guys do it?

What are your tips and tricks to transition into fall?

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One Last Shebang

So if you notice over there in the sidebar, I've added a shop my closet at Poshmark. It took me forever to finally put together but it was a long time coming. After jean jackets came back in style and I realized I used to have one and got rid of it, I've been afraid to get rid of anything. So I have a closet (and boxes upon boxes) filled with clothes that never get worn but never get thrown out either. I'm most definitely a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I'm ashamed at just how much just hangs there neglected, but I have an unnatural fear!

So I've been forcing myself to abide by the rule "if it hasn't been worn it in a year, it's time to go". Well, it's still REALLY hard to bring myself to get rid of things! These cobalt skinnies are one of those things. I've not worn them for a year and even then I only wore theses cobalt skinnies a couple times so they are still like new. It's so hard to get rid of something that is like new! So I'm giving them one last "hoorah" to see if they really belong on the short list. Problem is, I'm still undecided! 

Denim Jacket- Aeropostale (thrifted) // White Scallop Tank c/o Oasap // Cobalt Skinnies- LEI // Leopard Pumps- Charlotte Russe // Bag- Target // Necklace c/o Oasap

What do you guys think? Keep or toss?

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MoxieJean: The Little Fashionista

For an entire year I have had this blog and for an entire year my daughter has been asking for one of her own. She's 6. Uh...no ma'am. But that doesn't mean I can't share with her every now and again, right? Of course I can! So (drum roll please) I introduce to you, the witty, the charming, the fabulous Izzzzzyyyy!
And there is no better time than now to share her wee little fashion because the new school year is upon us and I know all you mommies out there are back-to-school shopping too....and probably spending a fortune. But, whoa, wait a second. Back the train up. I'm all frugal and thrifty over here, buying my things super cheap so I can go out and spend a fortune on the kids? Oh, no no no miss thang, I am not! Plus, we know they're just going to outgrow it all in a year (month...week...day...they never stop growing!) anyway. So why go into debt just to clothe them? I'm serious here, have you seen some of the prices on kids clothes?? "Oh hey, you can buy this size newborn sleeper for a mere 80 bucks! Isn't that a steal, folks?" (I'm not exaggerating, Google it) I would not spend that much on myself, so I am most certainly not spending that on this messy, growin-like-a-weed, rough and tumble kid! And you don't have to either!
This year, you fellow mommies can streeeeetch that back-to-school budget while still dressing your kiddos supa dupa fly. MoxieJean is an online consignment store that carries great brands like Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, Baby Lulu, Ralph Lauren, etc. All at 75% or more off retail prices! For a mere 35 chucks, I was able to score Izzy 3 separate looks! My kind of store! MoxieJean adds hundreds of new outfits every Monday and Thursday so there is always something new to choose from and with sizes newborn all the way through to 13-14, there's something there for your entire clan. Holy convenience, Batman!

So, without further adu, here are little miss Iz's back-to-school looks she scored from Moxie...
Erge Stripe Tee Orig Price-$33.00 Moxie Price-$5.99 (shop tops) / Gap Kids Skirt Orig Price-$24.95 Moxie Price-$6.99 (shop skirts) / Target Leggings / Target Cherokee Sandals

Neon Children's Place Courds Orig Price-$19.95 Moxie Price-$5.99 (shop pants) / Arizona Sequin Tee / Target 'Liv & Maddie' Fedora / Target Cherokee Sandals / Target Sunnies
Children's Place Skinny Jeans Orig Price-$19.50 Moxie Price-$5.99 (shop jeans) / Target Cherokee Leopard Print Cardigan (new with tags) Orig Price-$16.99 Moxie Price-$9.99 (shop tops)/ Children's Place Glitter Flats / Target Glitter Hair Bow / Children's Place Sunnies

The things we ordered were in pristine condition and it arrived in only 3 short days (including the weekend; placed my order Friday and it arrived bright and early Monday). My experience has been amazing; the only hard part of shopping MoxieJean was narrowing it down! There is sooo much to choose from!

All High Heels and Training Wheels readers can get to shopping MoxieJean by using code LOOK4LESS22 to get $10 of Moxie Money for every $50 you spend (or $25 of Moxie Money for every $100 you spend). Yeah, you get money for spending money! You can also make even more by sending in your child's clothes that they've already outgrown. I requested a free mail bag with my order so I can stock it up and send it in to make a little mullah for more MoxieJean purchases. Waste not, want not and all that, right? It's so much easier than lugging all those clothes (plus the kids) to our local consignment shop, sitting there for an hour while they sift through it all and hoping I can find something new while we're there. With Moxiejean, I know I will find something I love to trade for. No goofy styles, faded clothes or off brands; MoxieJean has all my favorites!

To help get you started, MoieJean is offering one of you luck winners $177.50 to shop for your back-to-school clothes! Use the Rafflecopter below to get entered! Good luck!
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Summer Survival: The Date Night

Ok, so if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you ladies already know that date nights are far and few between for this mama of 3. If you're a mom, you're nodding your head, saying "Yep!". You know what that's like. So when I do get that rare chance, I take it very seriously. This is my opportunity! This is my time to shine and get all gussied up! (fyi: "gussied" is the official term) I want to step out carefree and fabulous, sans kids. I want to throw on my heels and lipstick without worrying about sticky hands, runny noses or repeated whines of "She's looking at me." "He pushed me." or my personal favorite, "The cat threw up again." (I hear that one a lot more than you would think!)
Needless to say, date nights can be a savior for me when I'm ready to pull my hair out. Summertime is by far my favorite time for these date nights. My winter ensemble consists of two styles: bulky and even more bulky. But summer, I can whip out those skirts and dresses and those (gasp!) sexy, strappy tops. I'm mommy no more; I am wife and goddess. (humor me here)

Of course, my under things have to accommodate these summer styles. I'm sorry, I am just not a fan of thongs....but I'm not a fan of underwear lines either. And do you have any idea what a pain it is to have to keep yanking at your strapless bra? You're a woman, of course you do. But what's the alternative? Have your bra showing? No thanks. Maidenform has become imperative for my summer survival. Yes, I said imperative. I want to be able to strut my stuff for my hubs on those rare date nights without worrying about what I can and can't wear based on what I have to go under it. I didn't find a babysitter so I can look mediocre....yet again. I didn't leave my worries behind so I can gain another. I want quality, comfortable, effortless pieces that help me look my best self. Don't you? Of course you do!

So I've built some of my favorite summer date night looks and have included all the necessary Maidenform pieces I need to make them perfect. It's all about surviving summer; making the best of those dates.

Lace Top- Choies / Skirt- Choies / Necklace- Oasap / Flats- Target
The Problem:
This skirt is a recent purchase but it has quickly become a favorite. I think it's femininity makes it ideal for date night! However, with a chiffon fabric comes the concern of opacity. This skirt is somewhat see-through and if I'm not careful, I'm going to be showing things that people need not see.

The Fix:
The MAIDENFORM® WEIGHTLESS COMFORT™SHORTIE SLIMMER is perfect for pairing with this skirt because the length is short enough to sneak it under, the color is nude so it blends right in and I don't have to worry about bending over. Having shorts under a skirt is great for confidence!

Dress- Eshakti / Necklace- Oasap / Heels- Charlotte Russe / Bracelet- Walmart
The Problem:
I love this dress for it's simplicity and versatility. It can absolutely be dressed up for date night but it can also be dressed down for daytime. The problem this dress gives me, is finding a bra to work with the neckline. The straps go around the neck, similar to a halter but the cut of the dress seems to drag down my ordinary strapless bra.

The Fix:
The COMFORTDEVOTION NATURAL BOOST STRAPLESS MULTIWAY is the ideal bra for just about any top. The straps are removable and can be worn 9 different ways. Yeah, 9! So this bra is pretty much the do-it-all-for-you bra. Which is great if you're like me and you're going through the mountains of laundry at the last minute, screaming "Where is that one bra that goes with this top?" The strapless multiway goes with anything.

Dress- H&M / Gold Glitter Heels- Charlotte Russe / Necklace- Oasap
The Problem:
This flowy dress, a lot like the flowy skirt, is great for it's femininity. The loose, flowing fabric is graceful and fun but it poses the problem of no structure. There's nothing to hold me in; I want my bits and pieces to all stay in the right place!

The Fix:
The MAIDENFORM® COMFORT DEVOTION SMOOTHBODY WYOB FULL SLIP smooths and defines in all the right places: back, tummy, waist and hips​. It adheres to your own shape and leaves no visible lines. The neckline is low enough that you can wear with just about any style so you be "held together" in any kind of dress.

Silk Racerback Tank- TJ Maxx / Faux Leather Leggings- Oasap / Heels- Shoe Dazzle
The Problem:
I have had this tank for years and it is still cannot be matched. It's not revealing but it's still sexy in that it shows off my shoulders and the neckline is really fun. However, as with any tank that has an unusual cut, no ordinary bra works and I end up with that same strapless bra that slides down all night.

The Fix:
The MAIDENFORM® COMFORT DEVOTION TAILORED T-BACK BRA could not be more perfect for a racer back tank. In fact, it's practically made for it. I don't have to do the horrid "strapless bra yank" anymore! You can bet I will be wearing more tops like this one now!

It's summer date night made easy! Now you can run out and get your perfect pieces with Maidenform to fit all your favorite summer date night looks. So go ahead and snag your hubby and have that fabulous date you've been dreaming about! I can't find you a babysitter or book your reservations but I can make getting ready a whole lot easier!
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