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What's Your Style?

Have you ever been presented with this question? There are all these categories; classic, bohemian, feminine, casual, preppy, traditional, sporty, etc., etc. but where do you fit? Where do I fit?

Stripe Tee c/o ROMWE // Chiffon Skater Skirt c/o Choies // Leopard Pumps- Charlotte Russe

I honestly have no idea what "category" I fit into. A fact that has plagued me since beginning this fashion evolution journey. I struggled with putting things together and knowing what pieces to buy because I didn't know what I should be buying for my niche. Some days I'm drawn to a flowy feminine dress (or skirt, like I'm wearing today) and others, a leather jacket. Maybe today I want a slouchy beanie and a pair of converse and tomorrow I want a pair of ballet flats and a hair bow. Where do I fit in?

Everywhere....Or nowhere. I don't need a "style", I like what I like no matter what "category" it falls into. I think defining one's style is limiting. I find the thought of a category, for me, is confusing and restricting so I have finally allowed myself the freedom of buying what I like, just because I like it. It has been so liberating!

What do you guys think? Do you have a style? Do you fall into a category? I'd love to hear what you think!


Turn a Negative into a Positive: The Secret to A Happier You

I wake up in the morning ready to carpe the sheet out of the diem. I start everyday this way. It's a new day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there are endless possibilities. I can make this day my biatch! So, wait, what happened? Why don't I feel ready to take on the world? In fact, I never do. My mind is always plagued with worry and all of my "problems" are always circling around in my head. The damn diem never gets carped! But, why?
how positive affirmations can change your life
 The last year has been a whirlwind for me. It started when my grandma passed away and seemed to snowball from there. My relationships, friendships, marriage, state of mind and even my blog started to slip. Nothing was ever going to be right again after she left so why even bother? I made an effort to put on a pretty face for the rest of the world because that's what was expected but inside I always felt like a big ball of negativity. And well, negativity breeds negativity. Maybe the rest of the world bought my happy exterior (maybe they didn't) but the universe seemed to knew better and the hits just kept on coming.

I felt like every step I took forward, I got shoved two (or twelve) steps back. I kept wondering how I was ever going to get ahead like this. How am I supposed to think positive when negative things keep happening?? And how am I supposed to be productive and solve these problems when I can't get my head out of this downward spiral? But then I thought, maybe my negative thoughts were having an effect on the negative happenings too. Could I be perpetuating this cycle? Maybe I could control some of this. Some times bad things just happen and there's nothing we can do to change them; the death of a loved one isn't something we can change and it's definitely something you can make yourself crazy with. All of those "what ifs" can be toxic. Those thoughts can majorly effect our mental state; I know this personally. But what about that snowball effect? Does it have to happen that way? Does one bad happening have to spawn a continuous series of bad happenings? Maybe we don't have to be completely out of control on how these things effect us. And, heck, maybe we can even encourage good things to happen too! So, I went out on a (skeptical) limb and found some really surprising results!

So what did I do? What's the secret? How did I turn these negatives into positives? It's going to sound cheesy but stick with me... 
i am in charge of how i feel and today i am choosing happiness
The "secret"

Positive affirmations. Yeah, as in simply telling myself positive things. Ok, don't bail on me yet! I'm serious! What kind of positive affirmations? Well, that depends on what kind of negative things you've already got going on. For me (without getting too personal), it was things like "You are good enough", "You can accomplish anything", "You are strong", "You are brave", etc. You want to choose whatever your greatest fears or worries are and essentially flip them. Nothing is too silly either. I even started out with simply saying "Positive affirmations can and will work for me". I also started out saying these things in my head before I built up to saying them out loud. I felt silly. Even if no one else heard me, just hearing myself say them out loud made me feel embarrassed. I felt embarrassed that I was giving a voice to some of my insecurities. If I said them aloud, then I had to admit these were things that really bothered me. That was part of it's effectiveness though; after realizing that some of my anxieties were silly and it was silly to worry about them, I was able to overcome them. Other things though, I realized how dark they were and how much control they had over me. But by admitting them, you can conquer them. 

progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

How do positive affirmations work?

Now this isn't something that's going to act like a magic wand and flip the switch overnight. Not even a couple of nights. This is something that requires dedication and repetition. Lots of it. You essentially need to tell yourself these things until you believe them. Simply saying them won't change you but it can change your attitude...if you want it to. You have to be open to the change. You have to believe the change can happen. However, not believing them right away doesn't mean they can't still change your attitude. I obviously didn't believe I was "brave" in the beginning, otherwise I wouldn't need to tell myself I was, but repetition was key. I promise you the mind is a very powerful thing and the energy you send out most definitely effects the energy you get back. 

if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always be lovely

So how do I start? Where do I begin? 

The first thing I did was write my affirmations down on paper. This way I could organize my thoughts and keep track of them. And also, because saying them out loud was so intimidating at first, it was a great way to ease into it. Writing the affirmations helped me to visualize them as well. Seeing them on paper had more of an impact than you would think! Take a quiet moment for yourself to actually think about what you need to hear and scribble it down. This could be an evening out on the back porch, before the kids wake up over your morning coffee, whenever your mind feels most clear and you can actually think about it. At the same time though, you should write down whatever crosses your mind. You're writing on paper, not stone! This is supposed to be relaxing, not stressful.

When should I say my affirmations? How often?

I began this by "scheduling" this into my existing daily routine. That might sound like work but it really wasn't. The reason I "scheduled" this was just so I wouldn't forget to do it but once you've listed your affirmations, you can say them without taking up any extra time. For instance, I do it when I am in the shower. You're just standing there alone thinking about things anyway, why not think positive things? By doing it at the same time every day, it eventually turned into a routine and I was doing it naturally without having to remind myself. Now, you don't want it to become to habitual though because then it will just be an automated white noise. You want the act of saying your affirmations to become second nature, but you don't want the affirmations themselves to become rehearsed. I kept this from happening by switching up the order that I said them, occasionally bringing in new affirmations (in with the new, out with the old), sometimes just changing the inflection and tone in which I said them, and even just writing them down again. 

How long is it going to take for this to make an impact? 

Well, that is different for everyone. How skeptical are you? How negative are your thoughts? Do you put in any real effort or do you "cheat"? You're going to get out what you put in. For me, as a huge skeptic with very negative thoughts, it took me quite a while to notice a difference. It was a very gradual change and it wasn't like a switch. It just sort of became a new normal. It wasn't like I just woke up one morning with this different state of mind, it was more like I woke up one morning and looked back and saw how things had subtly changed over a period of time. Some people, my sister for instance, are very in touch with "mind over matter". I was not. But even for me, it has made an invaluable difference. Undesirable things will always happen and you can't change that, it's part of life, all you can change is how you handle them. But that can make all the difference. YOU can bring positivity into your OWN life. The grass will be just a little greener, the sky a little bluer and you will be a happier you.

This wasn't meant as a tutorial, I am not trying to sell you on something. I just lived too long in such a negative, unhappy state of mind and when I found something so simple that helped me, I wanted to share. I have been in that dark place and I have felt trapped in my own mind; I know what this feels like. It's depressing and toxic and scary and if I could, in any way, help someone not feel like that, then that's amazing. I promise it's not just a bunch of hippie hullabaloo, it can actually work! Just give it a try, there is literally nothing to lose!

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Shop My Closet

I am so super proud of myself right now guys; I have been meaning to set up a "shop my closet" for months but I kept putting it off (always the procrastinator) but (fanfare please) I finally did it! Go me! 

There is still a nice big section of my closet that I still need to go through so there's more to come (shoes coming soon!) but I do have a nice little start! I've set it all up on Poshmark just to keep things organized and easy for everyone. Everything here is listed on my "Poshmark closet" and the link to each listing will be directly under each picture. I will add a permanent shopping page up there in the navigation tab but until then, happy shopping!

My measurements for sizing reference:
Height: 5'8"
Bust- 31"
Waist- 26"
Hips- 34"

All listings contain additional info and images of the item i.e. the condition of the item, pictures of how I've worn it, etc.

Floral Body con Skirt from Forever 21 $6
Size: Small 
Last worn here
Listed here

Striped Body con Dress from Forever 21 $12
Size: Medium
Listed here

Baseball Graphic Tee from Oasap $8
Size: Small
Last worn here
Listed here


Day to Night: eShakti

How many times have you guys heard me lamenting over something fitting too short? Plenty! Let's be honest, I never shut up about it. Unfortunately I didn't coin the hashtag #longlegproblems but I do use it frequently...nearly everyday. I am always forced to put something back that I really love because it just doesn't fit properly. So how amazing would it be if there was such a thing as "we design it, you customize it"? What if all those times I thought "Oh I love it, if it was just a bit longer", I could turn those wishes into reality? Well with eShakti, you CAN. Yeah. You can customize their designs your way!

When browsing through the many selections Eshakti has, I was instantly drawn to this dress. I loved the color (green is my favorite!) and the key hole detail was subtle and so pretty. But then (and this is the best part) when choosing my size, I was given sooo many options! I have the option to customize, the length, the sleeves, the bust, waist, shoulder, you name it. I was actually able to make this dress fit me. The end result was this beautiful dress that hits me in all the right places and flatters me in all the right ways.



The time has come for another VoxBox! Whoo! 

This box is the TLC VoxBox and it's geared toward us mamas. And let me just say, they hit the nail on the head with this one! Influenster definitely knows us moms and what we need! This may have been the first box that genuinely needed the products in it. It was truly wonderful to open this bad boy up!


You CAN Always Get What You Want

What up t-shirt reference! (props to Superwoman) Although, I totally don't always get what I want, I'm working on it. and what a better way than to sport it on your tee?!


Lovin' Leather

It's another "Pinterest 'fit". Pinterest is like the holy grail of outfit planning for me. Every blog post I come across that inspires me gets the "pin it" treatment immediately.

This week's "Pinspiration"


Tell Me About It, Stud

Does anyone else think of Sandra Dee when you see these leggings? All that's missing is that leather jacket and those killer wedges....and a fun house to strut my stuff in. "I got chillllls, they're multiplyin!"


And So It Begins...

...the season of dresses. I just did a 30 under $30 post with just dresses because I love nothing more in the summer months. You don't have to put on pants (poster for laziness over here) and there's nothing to match (cause how hard is matching a top to a bottom really?). Slip it on and you're done. Boom.


Closet Additions: May

Hey guys, it's another closet addition! I mentioned in my last closet additions post that I don't bring in enough new items to make this a monthly series but as it turns out, for the month of May I did!

1. Scallop Chiffon Tank               Orig. $9.99     Sale $5.90    
2. Heart Sunnies                          Orig. $9.99     Sale $3.90    
3. Nude Necklace                        Orig. $7.90                         
4. Floral High-Wasited Shorts    Orig. $17.99    Sale $7.90  
5. Kisslock Bag                            Orig. $37.29    Sale $23.25  
6. Rolo Bracelet                           Orig. $5.90                          

Total Original Cost: $89.06
Total Sale Cost: $54.75
Saved: $34.31
(all items still available at sales price!)

I've been trying to acquire some more jewelry recently. I find that when I'm recreating an outfit that I've been inspired by, something is always missing. After trying to figure out what it was, I realized it was the accessories that were always lacking. I never paid much mind to such things because they just seemed inconsequential but now I'm realizing that was a huge oversight and accessories can really tie an entire look together and polish it in a major way. So here I am, looking to correct my error and so far I have been extremely successful in my hunt! These items haven't arrived yet but I can't wait until they do! Especially those sunnies! How fun are they? I'm sure I'll have to constantly fight my daughter for them :)

And let's also talk about these shorts for a second.. I added them to my cart, deleted them, and added them again. I just couldn't decide how these high waisted shorts would look on me. I'm still unsure, as they haven't arrived yet, but at $7 I think it was definitely a risk worth taking! What do you think? Until next time...

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High Heels and Training Wheels!

All items c/o Oasap
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