High Heels and Training Wheels: November 2013



Rimmel Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

Hey guys! I told you another video would be coming! Today I am reviewing the new Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.

This is another product from Influenster and I love getting things from them because you never know what you're going to get or when you're going to get it; a lovely surprise just shows up in your mailbox one day. It's fabulous.

So, I thought I would share with you my impressions, review and application of the foundation so you can see how it goes on and how it holds up through out the day. So, does it live up to all it's claims? You'll have to watch to find out!

Finally got my new camera so you can now watch it in HD!


My First Time

It's the "My First Time" tag!

 No, there's nothing dirty about it. I'm not giving you intimate details about, what was a very awkward night....although that sentence in itself was probably more than you needed to know. But no, this tag is a series of questions about some random "firsts". I was tagged by the lovely Kallie at But First, Coffee so make sure you stop by and check her out. Annnd, enjoy!


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume (Parenting)

Hey, guys! The new camera is here and it is GLORIOUS! I had filmed 3 or so vlogs to go up this week but when I knew this camera was coming, I chose not to post them because I just want to redo them with the new, fabulous, awesome, amazing HD camera. So my plans changed and I've been post-less here. 

I know there's no blogging "law" that says you must post X amount of times each week but I've kind of set a personal quota in my head and it bothers me when I don't meet it. So that's where my "Let's Blog Some Shit" comes in. I hadn't planned on it being a regular thing but I like it and it fills the silence when life gets in the way of my regular posts. So today I thought I'd tackle a subject that many of us can relate to; parenting. 

 If you are a parent, you know the ups and downs. Anyone who is a parent knows it's total joy, but along with that joy comes dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and messes...lots and lots of messes. You have to learn to laugh at it because if you don't laugh, you'll just cry.


About Me Tag

I've been gone for soooo long it seems like. Just straight up MIA. And I mean  "missing in action", not the rapper. Although I bet it'd be pretty cool to be her too. Anyway, I haven't completely abandoned all blogging endeavors. I've been working behind the scenes on some vlogs and those are all coming up soon.
Today is the first and it's the 'About Me' tag. I totally plan on doing some favorites videos, tutorials, makeup routines etc. I just have so much fun doing these tags. I'm not quite sure why these tickle me so much but I just love answering all these questions. Is there such a thing as a professional survey taker? I'd be bomb at that. So anyway, here's some little bits and pieces of me and my life. 24 bits and pieces to be exact. Just doing all I can to fulfill your random quota for the day. I know, I know, I'm just sweet like that. Enjoy!

Oh. Em. Gee. I just learned that I will be the proud owner/user of a legit HD camera in 2 days time. 2 days! (eek!) I am about to be vlogging like a boss ova hurr! I don't think you're even ready for this jelly, yal! Yep. It deserved a Beyoncé
 reference, that's how bootylicious it is.


Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 4 (Nerd Alert)

Aww yeeeah, it's nerd alert. I can definitely be a nerd sometimes and I embrace it. I mean, I have my guilty pleasures (I'm looking at you, Dance Moms and Real Housewives) but my "nerdy" streak isn't one of them. I'm not ashamed. I'm not going to insult legit nerds by saying I have full-on nerd status though; I don't get down with Pokemon or Warcraft or Magic cards. I can't speak elvish or anything and Batman is just a dude in tights. But I do have some nerd tendencies and I wear them like a badge of nerdy honor. 

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