High Heels and Training Wheels: Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 4 (Nerd Alert)



Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 4 (Nerd Alert)

Aww yeeeah, it's nerd alert. I can definitely be a nerd sometimes and I embrace it. I mean, I have my guilty pleasures (I'm looking at you, Dance Moms and Real Housewives) but my "nerdy" streak isn't one of them. I'm not ashamed. I'm not going to insult legit nerds by saying I have full-on nerd status though; I don't get down with Pokemon or Warcraft or Magic cards. I can't speak elvish or anything and Batman is just a dude in tights. But I do have some nerd tendencies and I wear them like a badge of nerdy honor. 

Today's nerd fest is British. I swear, I was born in the wrong country. I love everything British. Adorable accents, Jane Austen, the fact that they say "crikey" and "bloody hell", Alan Rickman. (Oh, Alan Rickman. The things I would do to you!), and they gave birth to my 2 most favorite nerdy pleasures: Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

Now, Harry Potter is pretty self-explanatory. Even if you don't love Harry Potter, you know what it is (unless you've been living under a rock for the past  decade). But Doctor Who is somewhat of a mystery to most people, even though it's about to celebrate it's 50th year. Yeah, I said 50. I'm guessing a lot of people don't get BBC. 

Anyway, the downfall of being a Whovian is (and all other Whovians know this), once you grow to love a Doctor and just when they've finally won you over, boom: regeneration. Then you spend all this time hating this new Doctor because he's not your old Doctor and by the time he starts to grow on you, boom: another regeneration. (companions are no exception...I still miss the Ponds!) I missed David Tennant for the longest time and now I'm about to lose my beloved Matt Smith. I know most of you are reading this like I just started speaking German but for other fans, you totally get it. Other fans are saying "Right on, sista!"

So today's "bloggy shit" is celebrating my affinity of Doctor Who. I know this is a fashion/beauty blog (don't worry, I ain't mad at ya), but today I'm a nerd.

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  1. Following from the Collective Hop.

  2. I agree! The British have given us so many wonderful things. ;)

    I'm really glad I found your blog today on the Collective Hop. Thrilled to be your newest GFC follower! :)

    Happy Monday to you!

  3. *Looks around to make sure husband is otherwise occupied* ALAN RICKMAN!!! I heart him. Actually, I was dying reading this because I just finished rereading HP today. I'm pretty sure I am in love with Snape.


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