High Heels and Training Wheels: This is Halloween, This is Halloween....



This is Halloween, This is Halloween....

Halloween is almost here and let me just tell you the bull hockey going on here in southern Indiana...Instead of Trick-or-Treating tomorrow on Halloween like the rest of the world, the town and all of the surrounding areas have moved Trick-or-Treat to tonight (Oct 30) because, get this, we're expecting tornado weather tomorrow. Like, what? WTF mother nature?? Tornadoes on Halloween! How about we throw in a tsunami this Christmas. Or how about a earthquake, that should shake things up (pun intended).
But, I imagine the rest of you are Trick-or-Treating tomorrow like normal people so I thought I'd post some of my favorite costumes I've found to get you in the spirit. Because as it stands, we'll be taking cover in the basement tomorrow eating today's leftover candy. This is just too weird for me. But anyway, we've never dressed up as adults because my husband is incredibly boring. Yeah, I said it. But, if you have a hubs/boyfriend/fiance who is much more adventurous, maybe you can get some inspiration. Enjoy!
Mr. Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas

Rescue Rangers...had to be a child of the 80's

Fight Club

Miley and the Wrecking Ball....I die.

"I need more cowbell!"

One of the best SNL skits, the Chippendale's dancers

Marv and Harry! Love it!

Darkwing Duck...let's get dangerous!

Sean Connery in a better world...

Gru and the minions

Elliot and ET

Best Beetlejuice

Derrick Zoolander

Best Mario character costume! Although, I hate him in the game because it means I'm going backwards...

Guess Who and Alejandro has some sweet eyebrows. They resemble mine before I started plucking

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All images via The Chive; Chive on!

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