High Heels and Training Wheels: Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 2



Let's Blog Some Shit: Volume 2

(So you may or may not be privy to the reasoning behind my blogging absence, i.e. a laptop that went kaput and a camera that is no longer in my possession, but these things will be solved very soon. Due to my bestie's generosity, I'll be gracing you with my awesomeness once more. But in the meantime, I am going to keep on keepin' on. I know my presence is wanted...nay, needed...in your life and I am happy to oblige. I'm just super giving like that. Unfortunately, I can't give you pictures with all of my fabulosity and general greatness but I can still blog some shit. That's what we're doing today.)
disclaimer: there are swear words.

So, it's "Let's Blog Some Shit" Volume 2. And I had to do some inner debating before this post. I received a comment on my vlog the other day from someone saying that they were truly disappointed in me for "swearing". A total stranger is truly disappointed in me. I'm sorry, do I know you? How is someone so personally invested in someone they don't even know, enough to be "truly disappointed" in them? I'm disappointed in my kids for not listening or my dog for busting through the screen door; not people I read on the internet! Well regardless, this still really bothered me...for all 5 seconds. At first, this made me feel bad that I had offended someone. Obviously in a "Favorite Products" video, the intention is not to offend anybody. It's not exactly a "hot" topic with much room for angering someone. Or so I thought. Still, somehow I did and I felt bad...until I thought about it some more. (here comes the rant)  

Ya know, if I tried to please every single person with my blog/vlog, I would attempting an impossible feat. It just isn't realistic to please all the people on the internets. I would be unwise to try. So how do you blog "correctly"? What's the right way to do it? There isn't a "right" way. You should blog for yourself; as yourself. If you aren't blogging as yourself, it isn't your blog; it's everyone else's. So I didn't make that video with a specific person or demographic in mind. There are simply too many different people out there for me to target them all and hand-craft a video just for them. Nor would I want to. I made that video as myself and I made it in the way I would speak to a girlfriend, my sister, my husband. And, I "swear" on occasion. That's me and that's what I do. 

am sorry if I offended someone because that wasn't my intention and I don't feel good by upsetting someone but you can't apologize for who you are. If we changed ourselves every time someone had issue with some part of us, we'd be picked to pieces and none of us would remain. My readers/viewers are are not children. I'm not writing a children's blog. I'm talking to adults and I said the word "asshole". That's it. I can't promise it won't happen again. In fact, this post is entitled "Let's Blog Some Shit". I don't want to lose readers because of 2 simple words I chose to use, I really don't. But with that said, I'm going to continue to use those words because those are words I use and if it's offensive to you, I'm going to just have to say that maybe my blog isn't for you. I'm not dropping F bombs and I'm not speaking with nasty or crude references or innuendos but I do say "asshole" and I do say "shit". I'm not the first; I'm not the last. That's who I am, and that's who I'm going to continue to be. Maybe it's not your cup of tea and I respect that but this blog is what it is.

I'm not one to go off on some wild tangent and I don't want to use my blog for rants. Sure, I have plenty of opinions and I get frustrated about things but my blog is not the place for it. My blog is for fun and I don't want to turn my hobby into a negative. I just want to put it out there that I love all the comments you guys leave, I love all the relationships I've gained, and I love all of the opportunities that blogging has given me and I don't want to lose any of you guys as readers. But my blog is me. If we all blogged for the masses, we'd all be repeating one another, we'd all be robots, we'd all be redundant. We're all unique individuals and our blogs should be too.  I'm never going to be one of those  "Heeey guuuys! Happy Monday" kind of bloggers/vloggers because that's not the kind of person I am. I tried to be in the beginning because everyone else was and I hated my own blog. If you can't even like your own blog, what's the point?

So half of this "rant" is to declare that I'm sorry to have offend anyone, it's unfortunate, but I'm going to continue to be me. The other half is to say to everyone else, keep being you. I guess I was kind of blindsided by the comment because I honestly didn't think twice that I might offend someone. It didn't even cross my mind when I made/posted the video because I wasn't aware that I had even done something that might be considered offensive. But there is always that chance; there's probably going to be someone offended by this post, too. I've never received a negative comment so it was a major shock and for a second I started to doubt myself and my blog. 1 single comment, did all this. So I'm saying to all of you other bloggers out there, don't let that one negative comment give you even one second of doubt. You wrote it because you thought it and that's you.  I don't want to offend or lose any of my readers but I also don't want to edit myself or second guess myself for every 1 of 500 some-odd readers and neither should you! You will never win if you do. So keep being you, no matter who that is.(end rant)

So after all that preaching (which I never want to do again...Girl, I got some 'I Dream of Nene' to watch!), let's get to the real reason for this post! Some shit; little bits and pieces of the internet that have appealed to me in one way or another. Enjoy!

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  1. Haha, I LOVE this! I do my best not to swear on my blog but it's mainly because I have family that reads it. I know that not everyone agrees with my opinion, but personally, I feel like reading swearing or hearing someone use it on a blog makes them more realistic and less surreal. Don't let someone get you down. I love your blog, and I love your personality, swearing or not. :)

  2. Thank you, Allison! Not everyone SHOULD agree with everyone else's opinion! That's what makes us different i.e. interesting! I don't want to lose readers but I also don't want to second guess everything I say. So I think it's better to just get it out now and let the chips fall where they may. I will say, I'm glad that you'll stick around! ;) Thanks for your comment, Allison! For I fear that some not-so-nice ones will be coming! haha

  3. Ugh! I am so sorry you had to deal with your first cry baby. This is what irritates me about the whole blogging world. There are so many goody two shoe blogs where everyone is pretending to be someone they're not and thus we end up with a gazillion blogs that are EXACTLY THE SAME. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of a personal blog, right? I can't believe in this day and age someone would actually CARE enough that you swore on YOUR blog. The judgments need to cease and people need to stop being pussies about everything. And with that, I support your decision to address this matter as you have. Bravo. I hope you don't give it another iota of energy. Oh, and if for some reason I DID NOT agree with you, I would not send you a post about how you have offended me while I CHOSE to read YOUR blog.

    PS: This post is coming to you courtesy of a 5 month prego with out-of-whack hormones and no time for other people's "shit." Thank you.

  4. Ha! I love it! And your 5 month preggo out-of-whack hormones! It's what makes us real! I just can't see how someone would be so personally invested in me (someone they don't know) to be disappointed! It takes a lot for someone to "earn" my disappointment. I have to care enough to be able to be disappointed! And that they went out of their way to comment this disappointment! What was the purpose? That I stop speaking as myself on MY blog? I don't know, I was just shocked to get a comment about my language. I'm not writing a graduation speech, I'm friggin blogging! I wasn't calling anyone out, I wasn't being malicious, I said "asshole"! Crying out loud! I mean, if I punch a baby or kick a dog or something (nor would I, let me clear that up!), then you can be disappointed. I only used a word! If that's not your thing, I suggest reading Suzy Sunshine's blog instead!

  5. I like your honesty and realness on your blog. I think you are sarcastic and funny, and don't take everything super seriously which is great. I can connect with that so much more than the "june cleaver" mentality. most people curse, it makes us real people faults and all. I thought your vlog was great. Informative but you cursing and being sarcastic added an element I haven't seen in many blogs...which is a positive thing to me. I just started blogging, and I think your way of writing is needed in the blogging world. kudos to those that keep it clean and sweet, but also kudos to you for being yourself. And like you said, if only 1 of 500 is complaining you're doing good. I thought your use of "asshole" on your vlog was freaking hilarious! Keep doing you, it works!!!

  6. like you said, it's one person, and the most important thing is that you brush it off, move on and continue being you. I love all the "haters gonna hate" pics AND there is actually something for the "pit of doom"... when I saw this http://www.amazon.com/Drop-Stop-Original-Patented-Filler/dp/B00BYH6C1E/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1380828480&sr=1-1&keywords=drop+stop (the picture of the fries), I was like "I NEED this"... but of course I really don't.

  7. I love that you get me! haha That was one of the reasons I started vlogging; because it's hard to get sarcasm and a laid back "tone" across in text. I thought maybe if people saw me "in person", they might get me more. I'm glad you already do! :) And also because every fashion/beauty YouTube video starts with a chipper and cheerful "Heeeey guuuuys!". It's like, who's making the videos for us real people? Enough with the clones! I'm glad you can appreciate me! Give me your URL so I can repay the respect!

  8. Darling Girl,
    Bugger them. We are, presumably, all adults here, and adults sometimes use profanity to express emotions in very specific ways. You don't pepper your blogs with gratuitous F-bombs, nor to you advocate hate, injustice or encourage stupidity and ignorance.
    You don't disappoint me at all. Carry on, dear.
    (From your token old lady blogger friend.)

  9. Aww, my "token old lady blogger friend", I love you dearly! I've lost 3 followers since this post (which isn't a lot but disheartening nonetheless) but if I have my dear friend Jan's approval, I'm golden! :) Thanks, friend!

  10. I love the "haters gonna hate" pics too...and I'm not sure why they tickle me so much but I literally lol every time! I might have to invest in a drop stop. I'd probably be rich with all the change I lose in that hole! haha

  11. my url is http://merdyinc.blogspot.com/ (Reinventing Merdy)...as you said Haters gonna hate. I love the rebellious ones! Can't wait for another vlog!

  12. Well, personally, I think you gained one new follower for this post alone. I love honest people who don't pretend they are someone they're not. I would much rather read a blog from someone real and believe me, although I haven't been doing this long, you can tell. Truly. So keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what you have on deck!


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