High Heels and Training Wheels: Vlog Trois: My 5 Year Old Does My Makeup



Vlog Trois: My 5 Year Old Does My Makeup

Yeeeahh, you read that correctly. I allowed my daughter to do my makeup. All for the sake of your entertainment. You're Welcome

Want some makeup advice? Hear straight from the artist herself...

Cutest kid ev-ah! I know I'm biased but I adore my little miss! And don't forget to stop by my YouTube channel and subscribe! I'm lonely over there!

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  1. omg, too flipping cute! She didn't do half a bad job hahah

  2. my almost 2 year old and I loved it. He was blowing kisses at you and Izzy. I think you are ready for hollywood...

  3. cute! scara.... I love it.


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