High Heels and Training Wheels: Cosmo Asks: What Is It Really Like To Be A Fat Woman?



Cosmo Asks: What Is It Really Like To Be A Fat Woman?

Now you may be wondering what in the hell I could possibly know about being "fat". (I have to use quotations....I hate that word and I feel that it's so very subjective....just like pretty, ugly, thin, beautiful; we all see things differently) There's no denying that I'm "small" (again, I have to use quotations!) and I always have been. Just as some girls struggle to keep their weight down, I have always struggled to keep my weight up. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am not one of those attention seekers who cry "fat" on the regular, fishing for compliments and looking to receive a chorus of "OMG, you're sooo not fat! You look amazinnnng!". I know that I have genetically lucked out. So then why would I be posting about what it's like to be "fat", when I admittedly know nothing about it?


An amazing blogger by the name of Chelsea, that's why! I just recently read her post that she put up last week and I was so inspired by her words that I had to share it with you. No, we are not affiliated. No, she is not paying me for a guest post. I was genuinely just so touched that I wanted to pass it on.

Again, you are probably wondering why I would have such strong feelings about being called "fat"? Why did this post speak to me personally? This isn't a subject I can relate to. Well, although I cannot relate to being called fat specifically, as a woman, I can absolutely relate to being made to feel less than you are; for feeling like there is something wrong with you or that there is something you need to change. Whether it's "you're too fat, skinny tall, short, old etc...." we all have had something about ourselves that we have questioned. I think all women can relate to the general feeling of "Am I good enough the way I am?". Which is why I wanted to share Chelsea's post with you. The way Chelsea displays confidence with such ease and grace; a trait I lack and admire tremendously, is so uplifting and has stuck with me. It's impossible to read it and not feel empowered and inspired.

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When I see Chelsea, I don't see a size. I see a beautiful, confident woman who can out-style me any day. But the rest of the world can be unkind and it's something Chelsea has had to face from other's. Being automatically viewed as "lazy" or "unhealthy" at just a single glance is a cruel and unfair reality for Chelsea. I can promise you that I am far more lazy and unhealthy than Chelsea (or most anyone for that matter!) but she is the one being judged. But how she sees life and sees herself is something truly beautiful. Reading her answers to these questions, I see what she endures from our unkind society and the positivity she has carried with her throughout it all. It encourages me and gives me the confidence to conquer my demons, whatever they may be, the way she does.

So often bloggers, myself included, share nothing but superficial posts. When you have a fashion blog, that's kind of the norm and what you expect. But more than once, Chelsea's thought provoking posts have made me feel something and made me ask myself questions. She puts all of herself out there with honesty and integrity and I always leave feeling inspired and motivated to be my best self.

We, as women, need to build each other up; empower one another so we can all be our best selves. We need to remember that we are all wrapped in different packages (cliche much?) but we are the same inside. Whether we are big or small, short or tall, black or white. We are all  beautiful, we are all women, and we all suffer when someone takes a hit on our self esteem. So go hit up Chelsea's inspiring post and learn feel better about yourself, let her positivity wash over you and pass it on! Make someone feel beautiful today. Pay them a compliment, it's free and can change their entire day!

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