High Heels and Training Wheels: The Giver That Keeps on Giving...Until She Doesn't



The Giver That Keeps on Giving...Until She Doesn't

Odd title for a post. You're wondering what it means. Well, let me regale you with the tragic tale...don't worry though, it has a happy ending!

Once upon a time, in the year 1990, my adorable little sister was born. I loved her dearly; if only for the fact that she was a girl. (My brother received no such love...poor guy) I loved her tiny fingers and her tiny toes. I snuggled her up and kissed her cheeks; I was thrilled to finally have a sister. However, quickly after her arrival, the novelty of said sister wore off and we became the typical feuding siblings that sisters usually are. 6 years was a huge age gap when we were kids and she cramped my "cool" style. I just couldn't have any of that.

Fast forward 20 some odd years and my sister has become one of my best friends. We laugh together, encourage each other, lean on one another, and listen to the other rant when something (or someone) has bothered us in some way. She's, once again, the awesome little sister I was presented with on that hot July day 23 years ago. (Am I awesome at this story-telling or what??)

Our rekindled friendship is one that comes with many perks. One of these perks  is that every year when she cleans out her closet, all of her "cast offs" come to me. (Awesome perk, right?) Well, my dear little Kendall had this amaze hat that I was enamored with. I reminded her every time my eyes came across that beauty that I wanted it when she no longer had use for it. Eventually that time came and, ahem, she gave it to...wait for it...someone else! Well, you can imagine my disappointment. She was in no way indebted to me and my name was not on the hat but I was devastated nonetheless. Let me tell you, I spent a good while mourning the loss of my never-was hat. Then, the already gruesome grief was heightened by the fact that could not find a (reasonably priced) replacement anywhere! Until now.

I found this identical beauty at Oasap and I did a little jig. (Like, literally did a happy dance. You should have seen it; there were some pretty sweet moves) When the package came in the mail, I caressed it like a newborn child. When I opened the box, a golden blinding light came pouring out and a chorus of heavenly angels came down to sing their praises. (This is in no way dramatized, this is exactly how it happened) I plopped that beautiful piece of heaven on my head and I felt like a huge grievous weight was lifted off my shoulders; no longer did I have to mourn the loss of my never-was hat! I placed it, with great care, atop my closet as a beautiful show piece. I could feel my fedora's jealousy but care did I not. And there it has sat until the day came that I could place that prized piece on my head. Today was that day...

Maxi- Walmart // Perfect Tee- Oasap // Denim Jacket- Aeropostale // Boots- Target // Greatest Hat There Ever Was- Oasap

Ok, seriously, ridiculous (but true) story aside, isn't this hat awesomesauce?? I have never been a hat person because, quite frankly, I look ridiculous in them. Or so I thought. I learned that you just need the right hat. After the success of my fedora, I knew I wanted more and I am in L-O-V-E with this floppy bit of perfection! This hat is going to be like the chambray of last year. Meaning: get used to seeing it, people! Until next time...

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