High Heels and Training Wheels: Playlist of the Week: Go do Some Dishes (ya, old granny you!)



Playlist of the Week: Go do Some Dishes (ya, old granny you!)

This is a fashion/beauty blog but it's also MY blog. And I've let it become boring. The horror!! So in lieu of the deafening silence that's been plaguing these parts from lack of style inspiration, I'm branching out and giving you my playlist for the week because it's put a little pep in my step. This is also my soundtrack for cleaning; makes doing the dishes a little less brutal. My kids are cringing at my "old" music. I thought being "old" and "lame" would feel different but I'm just relishing in their annoyance. Mom of the year right here!! Tell me you can't turn up "Nothing Compares" at top volume, belting in your best Sinéad, and not feel amaze? So if you're as "old" as I am, this one's for you!

(This was a "commonly misheard lyric" for me...I only just realized this year that it's "broken glass" instead of "gonna get back". Hey, I was like 5...)

(This is the ONLY song my kids like....because they're little Labyrinth fanlings like me. David Bowie in those tights; that mullet; that glitter! Swoon!)

(Most iconic tear ever? Yes)

(But it's ooooover nooooow)

(Best video ever? I've been enamored with this little gem my entire life...World's hottest, most iconic super models lip syncing to George Micheal? How could it not be a win??)

(What can I say about this song? Wasn't uncommon for me to be belting this little ditty while swinging on my swingset)

(I LIVED on this Greatest Hits CD for like a year....maybe 2.....or 5. No Joke.)

 (Man I thought I was so deep listening to this song...oh, the feels)

(That body suit! Cher: inspiring drag queens 50 years and counting....)

Annnd in case you have a sink full of dishes in your future, I've made a convenient little playlist for you. You can tell your kids (and other various teenyboppers), your welcome from me. They're sure to enjoy it just as my kids have! ;)

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