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No Spend Spring: No Money, No Problem

Today is the first day of spring! That puts me in a "Hells yeah!" kinda mood! Except....slow your roll partner....it's only 40°! However, I know (or am hoping rather) some spring weather is around the corner and I'm ready to hurl myself into spring fashion.

But wait! I have to pump the breaks again, I have NO money to spend on a new season of clothes! I've got a certain little girl's birthday party to fund AND we're in the middle of a move. I repeat: I have NO money to spend on clothes! However, I've decided that rather than letting that bring me down, I'm going to make what I already have work into spring 2014.

I've always had the mindset that I need to restock my closet with every new season and when I can't, that bums me out. Especially when all of the stores are proudly displaying all these beautiful new pieces and fellow bloggers are rocking their new purchases. It's so hard not to want a piece of that! So this season is all about retraining my brain; looking at what I've already got in a whole new way. I've been on a serious hunt for inspiration on new ways to rock what I've already got in my closet. After going through all of my long-forgotten pins, I've found tons of great inspiration and outfits made entirely out of pieces I already own. So now, rather than to be bummed about my lack of funds, I'm excited to try things in new ways. Maybe I can be that 1 blogger out of a million who can inspire you NOT to go shopping this season! :)

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