High Heels and Training Wheels: Yo, It's About That Time...



Yo, It's About That Time...

...to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme. Nah, I'm kidding. This isn't an ode to Marky Mark. Although, those abs do deserve a moment of silence..............ok, silence over. Actual topic today is about being time for a hair cut. After 3 years, I'm ready to chop this beast off!

It's been a good 3 years... but it's ooooover noooow (tune: It Must Have Been Love, if you couldn't guess) 

Like all of my haircuts to date, I have no idea what I want. That's where you lovely readers come in; to help this handicapped, indecisive, hot mess that is me.  I have plenty of options to choose from, but that's the problem. Having options is generally a good thing until you become overwhelmed with the sheer number of them. So I'm just going to lay all these out and you're going to tell me which direction you think I should swing. Capisce? Capisce.

The first and obvious way to go would be to take just a few (or several) inches off. That might sound boring but don't let that fool ya, there are some super cute options...

All 3 are relatively the same, just a slight difference in layers and styling. Bangs intrigue me but after the hair of the 90's (I still haven't forgot what a pain they were to grow out!), I'm somewhat apprehensive to make that commitment. To bangs or not to bangs? Isn't that the million dollar question?

Next is what I usually do, just hack it all off. Just go straight for the kill. I never choose the "middle of the road" route, I always go from long and lank to chopped at the chin. Time to switch it up? Or don't fix what ain't broke? What do you think?

This is what looks best on me but it's also the "safe" option. And no matter how many times I have this hair cut, I can't ever figure out how to get those tousled, effortless, bed-head curls... they look effortless but effortless they are not!

And last is the "i-would-love-to-do-it-but-i-don't-have-the-balls-but-wait-maybe-i-do-no-wait-i-don't" option that is always on my "really want to try" list....

but there's always the possibility of...

It's a real and definite possibility. Like, 99.99% possibility. Let's just be honest with each other here.

BUT if you're having trouble choosing one the various hairstyles I have selected, maybe these super-realistic, not-at-all-creepy virtual hairstyle pictures will help! And although it may be hard to believe, because the stunning accuracy of these images, these are indeed fake.

Just to be abundantly clear, I'm aware that these are appalling. Which is, of course, why I shared them. I'm sure you knew that by the sheer ridiculousness of them but, just in case...you never know. Seriously, if you're in need of a good laugh, I recommend going over to InStyle and checking out the Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover. The kids and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon putting these ridiculous hairstyles on one another. I was genuinely in tears over some of these...

So in all seriousness, which direction do you think should I go? My long hair has served me well and I've had some fun with it but admittedly I just don't look good with it. My thin face just gets dragged down by long hair whereas a short cut rounds my face out and suits me better. Never mind the fact that I'm drowning in hair every time I take a shower and I pull my own hair every time I roll over in bed at night. #longhairproblems Plus, I've pretty much just given up on trying to muster enough motivation to fix it each day. I will not miss this hot mess!!

Help a sista out, weigh in down in the comments!
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