High Heels and Training Wheels: I'll Take an Order of Lace, With a Side of Lace



I'll Take an Order of Lace, With a Side of Lace

There is no denying that I love lace. I wear it frequently. I always find that on those "I have nothing to wear" days, lace is always an easy, go-to choice to fall back on because it always looks good and it can jazz up darn near everything. Plain pair of jeans? Lace. Shorts? Lace. Skirt? Lace. And does lace ever go out of style? I'm pretty sure lace has no expiration date. This particular top is sweet and feminine because of the lace fabric but edgy (and dare I say) a little bit sexy because of the cut and color. It could easily transform to fit any style and you know me, I love "easy"! When deciding how to wear it today though, I thought what better to pair with it but more lace?

Lace Top c/o Choies *ONLY $13.99!* // Lace Shorts c/o Oasap *ONLY $8.90!* // Bag- Target // Heels- Shoe Dazzle

(This is my "Derp, I forgot how to blog" pose. I mean, what is that arm? Am I a pirate? And that Angelina Jolie leg? Stop it!)

Now let me just address the weather here in Indiana real quick (Yes, unfortunately I reside in Indiana) because it's totally not off the subject or anything and I know all you really want to hear today is my personal woes. (That's sarcasm I'm throwin down, in case you didn't pick that up) In the beginning of "summer" the heat index was well over 100; we're talking June 1st, dripping with sweat. Then, once July hit and we finally got the pool open, it started dropping down to the friggin' 40s at night! 40s! I was wearing a sweater on the 4th of July! Get outta here with that! It feels like fall has started, like I need to go back-to-school shopping for a new lunch box and Trapper Keeper (remember those?). Don't get me wrong, I love fall and it's my absolute favorite season, but I am just not ready for it! Hold your horses mother nature, I just started getting my tan on! Alright, my rant is over and you can get back to your regularly scheduled day...

It's Mix-It Monday! These shorts have been good to me 2 summers in a row now. LOVE them! :)
First Lace Post

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