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I Love Pockets

I really do. I don't know why I love them so much but they do genuinely make me happy. It's not like pockets are a newfangled contraption and they're not exactly hard to come by; most things come with pockets installed (in place?) but, still, I always get a thrill out of them. 

One thing I really hate is when you get a pair pants (or shorts, a skirt, whatever) and the pockets are fake. That really grinds my gears. Like, why are you withholding the pockets? Did you forget about them? Did you run out of pocket fabric at the pocket store? Did you not think I might like to put things in these false so-called "pockets"? Where is my Chapstick supposed to go? What if my hand gets tired and I need a place to rest it? Charlatan! Anyway, these pockets are real so crisis averted.

Whoo, the sun hit me in just the right way didn't it? I look like a big ginge! This is not an accurate depiction of my hair color!

Silk Tank- TJ Maxx // Floral Shorts c/o Oasap // Belt- Thrifted // Heels- Thrifted // Clutch c/o Oasap // Bracelet c/o Oasap

Look at those pockets being all pocket-y! I really went out on a limb with this particular outfit combination. It's very "bright" and "girly" and I don't think I am usually either of those things. However, I'm not opposed to change. These shorts were an impulse buy that I just threw in my cart, not knowing what I'd wear them with or if I would even wear them at all. I chose them really just because I have nothing like them and as it turns out, I love them.....and their pockets, of course. Hooray for spontaneity! And pockets!

This clutch is a big win too. Because it's not really a clutch at all. Well, it is. But it has 2 separate straps you can attach to make it either a shoulder bag or a hand bag. It's all Transformer like! "Autopurse, roll out!" And it's super roomy for all of my mom paraphernalia too. Wet wipes? Check. First aid kit? Check. Hand sanitizer, Kleenex, sunscreen and all other various mom tools? Check! A+ transformer bag, A+!

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