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DIY: Trash to Treasure

Hey guys! I've got something a little different again for you today. Last week I shared some of my interior inspiration since I'm in the middle of a move and trying to make a new house into a home. Today I'm sharing one of the many DIY projects on my list. I love DIYing around the home. When it comes to just going out and buying some mass produced furniture piece or making your own, I always prefer to do it myself. It's work you either like or you don't but personally, I love building and creating my own special pieces! I love the sweat and tears that go into it and I love the pride and glory that comes out of it. I'm not afraid to get my hands a little dirty!

So since we have downsized and the kids are now sharing a room, I needed a sleeping arrangement for more than one. I really am not a fan of bunk beds so when I found these pallet beds I knew they the perfect solution.

There are so many different ways to use pallets and I love the look of them. It's a very simplistic, industrial look. 






And if you know someone like I did, who has some pallets to give, they're also incredibly cheap! Just for the cost of paint the kid's will have a seriously cool, one of a kind bed!

We decided to go with the multi-level platform bed (first image pictured above) so I needed 8 pallets. And although I like the natural look of the pallets by themselves, we opted for a bright green to go with our color scheme...

The job itself is fairly easy, if not time consuming. Using the electric sander, I gave them all a good once over to smooth rough edges and to make sure there would be no risk of splinters. I chose a primer/paint in one so I could cut out the middle man and make the job go faster. Using spray paint would have been the obvious, faster way to go, to get into all those nooks and crannies, but because of the amount of paint I needed, I went for the good ol roller and brush method.

Who needs the work of cleaning your roller? Wrap that up in some Saran and you're good to go! Corner cutter for life over here!

As of now, I've only gotten 2 done but I am so excited to see it all together!

I'm even more excited to get paint up on the walls! We're going with the polka dots I posted last week...


And I got some wicked cool glitter paint to do the job! You can always count on Martha!

So it's not quite the fashion and beauty post you usually find around here but it's better than the silence that would otherwise be in it's place, right? I hope so! Until next time...

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