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Sponsor Post: KAMA Fitness

Hello readers of High Heels & Training Wheels.

I am Karen from KAMA FITNESS and I am super excited to be guest posting here today! Lindsey has incredible style and I instantly fell in love with her as soon as I stumbled upon HH&TW I just had to contact her to give her my support! She was nice enough to offer me a guest post to share one of my workouts with all of you :) annndddd I am adding a little fashionista to my workout - something I have never done before so phleeasebear with me!
Today's workout is a real burner....thigh burner that is...its focused solely on those thunder thighs! Oops...did I say that? Well maybe not your thunder thighs, but definitely mine! ;) I love working those legs. It always feels too damn good to have a great thigh/leg workout!
This workout can be done by anyone! It doesn't matter of your fitness level, all shapes & sizes are welcome! Are you new to exercising? If so, start off slow, focus on form and begin by completing one round. Once you're comfortable with the exercises - then move up to two rounds & so on!

The Workout:
Complete the following exercises without any rest for one round. Once completed one full round, rest for up to 2 minutes and complete another round.
Complete a total of 3 rounds.
10 Plank Triangles - alternating sides
10 Frog Jumps
10 Side Lunge & Leg Lift - alternating sides
10 Glute Squeeze
10 One Leg Bridge & Leg Abduction - alternating sides
10 One Leg Squats - alternating sides
10 Pike Leg Raise & Sumo Squat (x2)

The Exercises Explained:

PLANK TRIANGLES: In a plank with palms on the ground, lift your one leg up into the air as high as you can then lower to the side and return back to starting position.
FROG JUMP: Bend down touching the ground with your hands while keeping your elbows in between your knees. Explode up into the air as high as you can and lower your butt back to the ground.
SIDE LUNGE & LEG LIFT: From a standing position, take a big step to the right and bend your knee while keeping your left leg straight. Push your hips back so your knee does not go over your toe and keep a tight core. Push off your right leg and stand upwards, while lifting your right leg as high as you can into the air keeping it straight.
GLUTE SQUEEZE: Lay on your stomach with both hands behind you head and legs apart. Lift your chest and your feet as high as you can off the ground while squeezing your glutes as much as you can. Hold for 2 seconds and release.
ONE LEG BRIDGE & LEG ABDUCTION: Lying flat on your back with one leg bent and that foot flat on the floor. Using your opposite leg, keeping it straight point your toes to the ceiling. Lift your hips up off the ground as high as you can and hold them there. Now bring your lifted leg down to your side (abduction) and return back to starting position.
ONE LEG SQUAT: Begin standing on one leg. I usually put my arms right out in front of me - or you can keep them down by your side. Point your opposite leg directly out in front of you as you bend your opposite knee and lower your butt to the ground. Then push back up to starting position.
*to make this easier, use a small stool or stairs and use it to sit on - as you improve you can take away the stool/stairs.
PIKE LEG RAISE & SUMO SQUAT (x2): Begin with palms on the ground, hips in the air and feet flat on the ground. This is the pike position. Bring one leg up as high as you can and lower, bring your opposite leg up and then lower back down and complete 2 sumo squats - in a very wide stance bend both knees, drop your hips back and lower your butt down keeping your back straight. Then squeeze your inner thighs & glutes to push yourself back up. Remember to complete 2!
LOW JACKS: Begin standing with knees bent and feet close together. Jump upwards - but not too high and open your stance in the air to land in a wider stance.
*think of jumping jacks, but with your knees bent.

Bye-Bye Thunder Thighs!

Hello Bright Pink!! This chick lovveeees pink! <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">
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Thighs are definitely an area that almost every girl wants to target - amIright?

It seems to be one of those areas that no matter how those thighs look - girls always want them to look better. I complete mostly compound lifts to help target my thighs, perform lunges & tons of bodyweight exercises - performing them all can create the thighs-of-your-dreams.

Try adding this workout into your regular workout routine, completing it 2 - 3 days after your leg day for an added thigh bonus.

Keep kicking butt every day ladies & gents!
Stay Healthy, Stay Lovely, Stay Positive & Stay Happy!

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