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Kiss Lashes

It's 2 beauty product reviews in 1 week! Wha? Just like the Kiss Gradation Polishes I reviewed earlier this week, I was sent these lashes because I rock. No seriously, these were a gift for my kick ass review on the Spring Voxbox.

I don't usually wear false lashes. I last wore them in June to a wedding and they were just your regular run-of-the-mill lashes but these new fancy pants lashes have these handy dandy strings for easier application. The idea is that you pull these strings tight and you can position the lashes more easily.

And of course with any false lashes, you must have a lash glue. This one is a little different from what I've used in the past. I've always had the squeezy tubes and they always get air bubbles in them and then glue explodes all over my lashes.

The how-to with the glue is still pretty much the same; add a thin layer and let it get tacky for a few seconds. I do love the different way the glue goes on though. It is so much easier to spread it on with this wand than to try to squeeze it on with the tubes.

The application of these lashes is sooo much easier with the applicator strings too. The strings are on the outer corners of the lashes, you pull them tight and you position the lashes on your lash line. I love these strings because ordinarily I end up with glue all over my hands, my eyelids and the lashes. Then I usually poke myself in the eye at least once trying to make sure they're on pressed on evenly but these go on perfect first time around so there's no need for any eye poking repositioning.

After you've applied them, you hold down the outer corner of the lashes and slide the strings out. At first, I completely screwed this up because each corner has 2 ends of strings. I was pulling both ends but you only pull one and it slides right out.

 So, I wore these all day to see if the glue really is "long lasting" and it was. We went to the fair which was ridic hot and I was a sweaty mess but the glue held up through it all. At first, I was completely undecided on how I felt about the lashes themselves though. Applying them was easy enough but I'm not used to seeing myself with such dramatic lashes. However, as the day wore on they grew on me. I suggest adding your eyeliner before and doing your mascara after. I also use my eyelash curler once my lashes are on to blend my natural lashes into the false lashes. 

The one and only downfall to the lashes, is once you've pulled that string, it's out. Now maybe I'm alone in wearing my lashes more than once but from here on out, if I want to wear them again, I have to apply them the good ol' fashion way; eye poking, sticky fingers and all. But, if you're planning to just wear them for a one time thing and have problems getting lashes on or problems with them staying on, the Kiss Premium Lashes and the Kiss Ever EZ Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive are great. And with a price tag of $3.99, I highly recommend them.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products courtesy of Influenster as a gift. The decision to review them was made by myself and all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

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  1. Huh, good review! I like wearing false eyelashes every now and then, but I prefer the single ones because the full eyelashes... I don't know, they bother me on the inner corner of my eyelid. But I should try these! It might be different, who knows?

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  2. Love the lashes. Thank you for linking up today.



  3. They look amazing on you! Ax



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