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Link Up: YOLO Mondays

So today is my first link-up! Hooray! I am linking up with Molly from Still Being Molly and Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons for YOLO Mondays
Today is less of a 'YOLO' Monday and more of a 'really tired, really lazy, don't-feel-like-doing-anything' kind of Monday. It's a Monday for starters, that pretty much speaks for itself. It's also my early class day and it's pouring outside. We're talking tsunami status.

But the main reason for this less-than-stellar Monday is this time change! I love that it stays light out longer but it always messes with me for a while. I just could not wake up and I hit the snooze button five one too many times this morning. This always means I end up wearing one of my boring, mindless, comfy, go-to outfits. So, sadly, my first link-up/outfit post is really pretty plain. But even though it's raining, I was inspired by the beautiful 66 degree day we had yesterday so I did at least wear some bright, spring colors.
Major disclaimer: No one was home today but me and Iz. So she took the pictures. She's 4. And the batteries were dead in my camera so I had to use my phone. I promise, they will get better!

Shoes: Mossimo ($7.50) 
Jeans: Mossimo ($20.00) 
Sweater: Xhilaration ($15.00) 
Scarf: Merona ($10.00) 

Grand total: ($52.50)

Now, I did not buy all of these items at the same time to make this outfit or anything. I just really love me some Target. Ya dig? 

Mondays are also little miss's dance class...
Ain't she darling?


  1. yay! thank you SO MUCH for linking up, girl! little miss is ADORABLE. seriously. so cute!!!

    1. Thanks, Molly! You'll find me linking up every Monday, it is such a fun link-up! And as for 'little miss' doesn't she know it! lol Thanks so much for stopping by, visit any time! :)


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