High Heels and Training Wheels: Verdict: Not Dead!



Verdict: Not Dead!

Sooo, hey, I'm not dead! Yaay! That's quite an accomplishment, right? You may well be surprised since I literally just vanished for several weeks without so much as a "I didn't die", but surprisingly I'm still kickin'! Just barely as a result of this brutal winter, but still kickin' nonetheless. So, hooray! *mini blogger party ensues*


Now originally I was going to start this post all nonchalant and normal-like and just try to glaze over the fact that I've been gone for an eon. Like maybe if I just pretended the absence didn't exist, maybe no one would notice? You know, just kind of slip it right on past you. Like when you see someone you went to high school with at the grocery and you slip by all ninja like, hoping they won't notice you. Yeeeah, you've done it. But I have to give you more credit; I couldn't pull one over on you like that. And anyways we didn't go to high school together so I don't need to avoid you in the store anyway......unless it's Target. Cause if it's Target, I'm lingering in the euphoric 'Target zone' trying desperately to remind myself what it was I came in for in the first place, while giving those boots over there the side eye. Targets a dangerous place, you don't wanna meet me there.

 BUT, even still, being honest and addressing the situation isn't really any nicer either. Why? Because I have no particular good reason to offer for my lengthy absence. Do I ever? Other than my loathe for cold and the fact that this happens every. single. winter, I don't have much else in the way of excuses. I pretty much only have a blog 50% of the year and that's just the way it's been. Cold weather comes out to play, and I go in to hermit (yes, I did just turn hermit into a verb because at least then I'm doing  something). It's just a fact of  life.

I mean, I tried to do a post, I really did. I even got dressed and everything. I charged the camera and pretended like I was actually going to go out. But in the end, I just couldn't do it. I like you guys a lot, but I hate 9 degree weather (with -12 wind chill) more. (You blogger chicks out in the snow in your dresses and skirts?? You're awesome! You're crazy, but you're awesome! Mad props to you, my friend!) Sorry I couldn't give you a reason with something more traumatic and legitimate to sink your teeth into, but who could lie to a face like that?? 

So now that I've got that bit of honesty off my chest (I feel much better, don't you?) let's just agree to put it in the past and we can just act like it didn't happen, the way real friends do. Because I would totally overlook some stuff for you. You need something overlooked? I'm there for you girl. But, (yeah, another "but") because of mother nature's continued relentlessness and my continued inability to make peace with said relentlessness, unfortunately being back still does not technically mean I'm "back". I know, why did I bother? But, wait, wait, wait I haven't been entirely useless all this time! I've done quite a few home projects! I thought I would share those with you.....and brag just a little bit. Let's be honest, every home blogger out there is bragging juuust little bit.

Ok Lindsey, where is this supposed "post" you keep talking bout? Well, it's coming this week. *pinky swears* I just wanted a declaration of my continued existence before a random post from the supposed deceased put someone in cardiac arrest from sheer shock. No? Too dramatic? Yeah, I know. I keep writing like someone's actually reading anymore. I'm just so charming and endearing like that, aren't I? :P

Until later this week, here's a video of cats knocking shit over.....

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