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Broke as a Joke

So I have been completely absent for an entire week. I'm sure you've noticed. Or I'd like to hope that someone noticed. But, I have a very legit reason as to why this is. My laptop is a piece and my screen now permanently looks like this...

Broken Acer Laptop Screen

Bunch of pretty blue lines aren't they? I have not even had this thing for a year! It has never been bumped, dropped or had anything spilled on it. Nothing. Moral of the story, don't under any circumstances buy an Acer. Yeah, that's right, I'm calling you out Acer! You and your crappy craftsmanship! 

It's not exactly an ideal situation for a blogger. I mean, I finally reached 500 followers and I can't even publicly congratulate myself properly. I know, right? I'm now also finding myself without a camera but that's a whole other conversation for another day. I'm working on a solution to both of these life threatening issues though. In the mean time, show my older posts some love, swing by my Instagram, read a book, watch TV, do some laundry. I'll be back soon and I promise I will 'wow' you once again!

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  1. Oh, no! That is so awful! I hope you figure out something soon. (I noticed you were missing in my blogroll this week!) Not that this helps with taking pictures, but I did resort to using the computers at my school and local library for a few months when I had computer issues. Though not the best circumstance, at least then you're still posting. Good luck figuring something out!


  2. Oh man! That's no fun! I'm no Acer fan either--For durability I go with dells or HPs. Hope you're able to get your technology working again soon!

  3. Aww I'm glad someone noticed I was missing! haha We have a PC I can use in a pinch, it's just that all of my photos and editing software and data is on the darn laptop. That'll teach me not to back up my files, right??

  4. I had planned on getting an HP initially but I got this at my school's bookstore and they were out of HPs. I was just being lazy and impatient by not going somewhere else and now I'm paying for it! :(


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