High Heels and Training Wheels: Fancy Pants Nails: Reverse French Tip



Fancy Pants Nails: Reverse French Tip

I got another cheat for ya! I love the reverse french tip manicures but I was looking up tutorials and these crazy women are free-handing this stuff! I think I have established that I can do no such thing. But fear not! If there's a cheat, I will find it....and I did.

Ok, so there are two different types of reverse french tips from what I can tell. There's the crescent that goes along the shape of your nail bed. And there's the the semi-circle that goes out from your nail bed. I know I'm terrible at articulating this stuff so here's some visuals...

   Crescent                                            Semi-circle 

       via Mosa Muse                                           via Colette Hayman

I decided to go with the semi-circle because I wanted more of an impact for all of my hard work but I imagine the crescent could be done the same way just by flipping it upside down. For both looks you just need 2 colors of polish, a top coat and some circle reinforcement labels. 

I used Sally Henson polish in Grey Area and in Plume. The pictures just do no do justice to the Plume color. It's gold but it has an iridescent bluish green hue to it. Definitely one you need to try for yourself!

Start by cutting the labels in half. You could use the entire circle but you don't really need it. Waste not, want not right?
Paint your nails with the color you want as your "tip". I painted my entire nail but you could just paint  the bottom half. Let this dry completely before moving on.
Then use your half circle label at the base of your nail. I stuck the label to my skin first just to get some of the "sticky" off so it wouldn't peel my polish.
Paint the rest of your nail with your second color. This color needs to be opaque enough to cover in one coat because you don't have the opportunity for a second coat. Immediately pull the label off. If you let the polish start to dry with the label on, the polish will create a seal over it. Then the label will pull of the polish off with it. Each label needs to come off before moving on to the next nail, while your polish is still wet.
Add a top coat after your polish has dried completely and voila!
I really liked the way they turned out. I'm going to try the crescent next time...just for giggles. I promise you, even if you are totally inept at doing your nails, you can absolutely do this. Give it a try!

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  1. Love the nails. Don't forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. It's open until sunday midnight.



  2. Funny, I just did my nails like this, with gold and khaki green. I wasnt' smart enough to use the rounds, that is a great idea! I love it!

  3. I love this! I am definitely going to try this! I would try a more subtle look for myself because I don't wear nail polish too much, but this looks like so much fun!

  4. Wow, great tip! I just might try this!

  5. Well I'm certainly impressed if you were able to do it without the cheat! I am AWFUL at doing nails. I can't do anything left handed haha

  6. Yeah, I have seen so many cute versions with light and subtle colors and they were just as pretty. I was wanting to go dramatic but I'm definitely going to try different color combos. I hope you give it a try! :)

  7. Oh it is so easy! As long as you remember to pull off the label as soon as you apply your polish, you can't mess it up! Good luck!

  8. Super cute! I'm gonna have to try this!

  9. Great Ideas. New Follower here, hoping you'll follow back :)

  10. I loooove the reverse french tip! Following your blog for sure! Found you through #FundayMonday!

  11. Love this! i have two teen girls are going to loves this advise. Thanks for sharing! Found you through Miscellany Monday.

  12. The reverse mani is super pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Now this is fabulous, Lindsey! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday... have a great week!

    Take care,


  14. This was the style when my grandmother was a teen in the 1930's. she told me they used to paint the "half moons" white and the rest light pink,

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