High Heels and Training Wheels: Sweatin' With No Poo



Sweatin' With No Poo

Hey, guys! I'm sure most of you have seen my post on No 'Poo method. Most of you have probably been referred here from that post. It has gotten such a great reception and I am thrilled with how many people are interested in taking a more natural approach to caring for their hair! But, as I always say, we're all different and that means No 'Poo has to somehow fit into our various needs.

Now I will very honestly admit, I do not workout or exercise near as much as I should....or at all, if I'm being really honest. I know, I know. I should definitely be taking better care of my body. But, I know many of you do and you have a daily exercise regime that No Poo has to factor into.

For those of us who aren't battling sweat and perspiration everyday, we have little to no trouble sticking to a once-weekly wash routine and having that be enough to keep our hair clean. But for everyone else, washing your hair once a week just isn't feasible. I know after a good sweat, all I want to do is wash my hair. Of course though, No Poo doesn't allow you to wash on a daily basis because it can be too drying and potentially strip your hair of those healthy oils we're trying to save. So does this mean you have to give up one or the other? Nope!

There are a few things that you can do to clean your hair naturally without disrupting your baking soda/ACV routine. You can try all of these or one of these, that is up to you. Obviously, these options work best paired together and the more you use, the more effective they will be. However, you can absolutely mix and match any of these options to customize the best plan of attack for your personal needs.

No Poo Alternatives

1. Brush with your natural bristle brush to evenly distribute the oils throughout your hair. This is always good practice, even if you're not dealing with sweat. It really helps to distribute oils!

2. Try rubbing your scalp with warm water only. This will also help to evenly distribute the oils. At the same time, it will diffuse and remove the sweat.

3. Use a light sprinkling of dry shampoo or even a LIGHT sprinkling of cornstarch on a dry scalp. This will absorb the sweat and oils and it also does great to deodorize.  **BONUS: for girl's with dark hair, try mixing a little unsweetened cocoa powder into your cornstarch to keep your roots from getting that pesky white cast.**

4. Rub your scalp with a lemon juice mix (a 1/4 cup lemon juice to 1 cup water ratio; mixing as much as you need for the length of your hair) then rinse. This will get rid of the excess oils and sweat without drying out or stripping your scalp of the healthy oils you want to keep.

5. You can “wash” with an egg. To do this, you gently massage an egg (or as many as you need) into your sweatiest areas, generally your scalp, then rinse. This gets rid of the extra grease and sweat without stripping your hair. However, you don't want to do this daily because you can put too much protein into your hair. I would say no more than a couple of times a week on really sweaty days.

These are my personal choices for a more regular regime without having to alter your BS/ACV routine or without disrupting the progress you've made to get your hair back to it's natural health. If you have any other tips or solutions, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be sure to share the wealth and add them to the list. Also, if you've given these a try, I would love to hear how they worked out for you! And, as always, feel free to leave any questions or concerns in the comments. I'm always happy to help! Sweat on, you little gym rats! ;)

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  1. Can you wash with baking soda and then use conditioner rather than vinegar?

  2. OMG this is awesome!!! Tried it today and my hair feels AMAZING. I was super skeptical but I'm a believer now. Thanks for the post! Right now I'm making a nice rosemary infused vinegar hair rinse that I found on another blog. I can't wait until it's infused and ready to use! Also found a spray top that fits right into my empty apple cider vinegar bottle. :) Anyway, thanks again!!

  3. Im a swimmer, can I use this everyday to get the chlorine out or will it damage my hair?

  4. I do no poo, so I am not arguing the premise. I just need to point out that both baking soda and apple cider vinegar ARE CHEMICALS. Everything is chemicals. You are chemicals. Wanting to cut out sulfides and synthetics is totally reasonable and an achievable goal, but if you stopped consuming chemicals you would die. Sorry, it just needs to be said.

  5. I color my hair pretty regularly as well. I want to start the No Poo Method, but I'm just stuck about what to do when I need to wash my hair after I dye it. Do you just use the regular baking soda mixture and ACV mixture to wash out the dye? Or do you condition it with the conditioner that is provided? And if you get it done at the salon, do you allow the hairdressers to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner?

  6. I haven't ever noticed the smell coming back. Once I rinse my hair, I don't ever smell it again. In fact my hair doesn't have any smell at all. I did do a post though on how to add a scent back into your hair, you could check that out if you are interested. Hope this helped :)

  7. Well a lot of this has to do with it only being your second wash. You're hair is still adjusting. I started out with that same feeling. Also, if it has a strange texture, it has to do with the amounts of each that you are using. If you are using too much baking soda/ACV your hair will tell you. In your transition period, you might benefit more from just using a dry shampoo on your roots so you don't have to wash more than you need. Unfortunately the transition period is just something you have to wait out. I would just suggest altering your amounts and the frequency until you get to a point where it feels right to you.


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