High Heels and Training Wheels: Closet Additions: May



Closet Additions: May

Hey guys, it's another closet addition! I mentioned in my last closet additions post that I don't bring in enough new items to make this a monthly series but as it turns out, for the month of May I did!

1. Scallop Chiffon Tank               Orig. $9.99     Sale $5.90    
2. Heart Sunnies                          Orig. $9.99     Sale $3.90    
3. Nude Necklace                        Orig. $7.90                         
4. Floral High-Wasited Shorts    Orig. $17.99    Sale $7.90  
5. Kisslock Bag                            Orig. $37.29    Sale $23.25  
6. Rolo Bracelet                           Orig. $5.90                          

Total Original Cost: $89.06
Total Sale Cost: $54.75
Saved: $34.31
(all items still available at sales price!)

I've been trying to acquire some more jewelry and general accessories of late. I find that when I'm recreating an outfit that I've been inspired by, something is always missing. After trying to figure out what it was, I realized it was the accessories that were always lacking. I never paid much mind to such things because they just seemed tiny and inconsequential. Now I'm realizing that was a huge oversight and accessories can play a huge role by really tying an entire look together and polishing it in a major way. They are the single difference between "clothes" and an "outfit".

So here I am, looking to correct my error and my hunt has been made easy because of Oasap. They have the most amazing prices on accessories and that is imperative for me. Im. Per. A. Tive. I have to limit my spending. Statement necklaces, admittedly, do not have any longevity; I have already dubbed my dearly loved, much sought after bubble necklace "last season", so I really do not want to invest a lot in pieces that will not get a whole lot of wear. Oasap allows me to get the current styles I want without any guilt involved. Thank you, Oasap!!

And I also want to talk about these shorts for a second.. I added them to my cart, deleted them, and added them again. I just couldn't decide how these high waisted shorts would look on me. Never mind that they are much more "girly" and feminine than my usual style. I'm still unsure about them, as they haven't arrived yet, but at $7 (SEVEN dollars, people!) I think it was definitely a risk worth taking! What do you think? Until next time...

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All items c/o Oasap

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