High Heels and Training Wheels: Damn, it Feels Good to be a Gangsta...



Damn, it Feels Good to be a Gangsta...

Ok, I don't really know if it does or not. Geto Boys says it does....or at least it did in 1992. But you know what does feel good? To be back! 

As you may know, we just moved recently. But we didn't just move either, we moved into a house that was built in 1940. Aka: a house that needs a lot of love and effort spent on it's many quirks. I love an older home that has charm and is not the same cookie cutter that everyone else lives in; they have their own unique personality and they tell a story. But all that "charm" has definitely swallowed up every second of my time, trying to bring it back to life....we're still not even close to being done (I don't know if we ever will be) but I have finally gotten enough out of the way that I can spare some time for you guys! You have no idea how relieved this makes me! I've missed you!

Sheer Chiffon Blouse c/o Oasap (exact) // Blush Chiffon Skater Skirt c/o Oasap (exact) ONLY $9.99! // Necklace c/o Oasap (exact) // Heels- thrifted

If you saw my Spring Closet Additions post, some of this might look familiar to you. It finally arrived in the mail a few days ago and I seriously haven't taken it off since. Well, not the entire outfit exactly like this, but some part of it has definitely been worn everyday....don't worry, I wash it! This skirt specifically has appeared quite a few times and at only $9.99, I may need to get one in every color. And they have darn near every color, too! There are 17 different shades! I'm seeing another purchase in my future....

I was so anxious to get this shirt as well. It's just a plain white, sheer pullover but do you realize just how many ways you can wear this and have it look entirely different each time? Do you have any idea how many looks you can create with it? I can't believe I didn't have something like this before now! I'm telling you guys, start off your wardrobe with classic pieces!! I started this blogging with wanting every trendy piece out there. All the other bloggers were wearing them and I needed to catch up! Now I'm realizing I have a closet full of clothes that are going out of style, have already gone out of style, or have only one limited way it can be worn. Do yourself a favor and get some great fitting, classic pieces before you start trickling in the "trendy"! Get a statement necklace or a fab pair of heels or something, but have a base with some longevity before you start working in the rest. Advice from me to you, guys!

BUT you know what classic look can't be bought at a store? A tan! Well, I guess technically it could but I'm going for some real color; I don't want any "Snookie in a can". The hot weather is approaching and you can bet you will find me pool-side! Until next time....

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  1. This is such a cute look!!! I love that skirt it's so feminine but with the shoes it kinda spices it up!!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee


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