High Heels and Training Wheels: Spring Closet Additions



Spring Closet Additions

Hey, guys! I thought I'd try something new and a little different from my normal posts today. I am a huge fan of Danielle over at Goodwillista; if you've read my blog for any length of time, you probably already know that. She was the inspiration and motivation behind the starting of this here blog of mine. She is the most thrifty and frugal shopper I've ever seen and she always looks gorgeous! It's impossible not to be motivated by that!

Each month Danielle does a post on the additions she's added to her closet, how much she spent and how much she saved. I am always in awe of her "hauls" and how little she spent. It definitely raises the bar and makes me want to improve my money-saving game!

I'm hoping doing this for myself will help me document what I'm bringing in and how much money I've spent. It's easy to go over budget when you're not keeping track; as I'm sure most of you are aware! So I'm hoping this will hold me to my budget, encourage me to hunt a little more for deals, and maybe even help me come up with new ways to work the things in my closet. 


1. Color Contrast Chiffon Shirt    Price tag: $18.99     Sale: $14.99
2. Polka Dot Skirt                         Price tag:$15.99       Paid: $15.99
3. Nude Skater Skirt                    Price tag: $26.99     Sale: $9.99
4. Stone Bib Necklace                  Price tag: $5.99       Paid: $5.99
5. White Blazer                            Price tag: $39.99     Sale: $26.99
6. Flower Choker                         Price tag: $8.99       Sale: $7.12
7. Striped Tee                               Price tag: $24.99     Sale: $16.99
8. Hi-Low Chiffon Shirt              Price tag: $32.99     Sale: $21.39

(All items are still available at sales price! Go snag something for yourself while you can, homie!)
Total Original Cost: $174.92
Total Sale Cost: $119.45
Total Saved: $55.47

So this list began in January and I think for a 5 month time span, 120 bucks ain't bad at all. That averages out to $24 a month. Not a week, a month. I mean, I didn't really get a lot, as you can see, but in terms of just dollar amount, I'm pretty happy with that total! And although it's only 8 pieces, I feel like all of these are really versatile and have some longevity. Your closet is an investment, right?

I honestly don't buy enough to make this a monthly post the way Danielle does but I think it's great for each season. It's really helpful to see what I liked, what I didn't, and what kind of pieces I want to look for in the future. Cause I mean, come on, I know you guys find yourself in the same scenario of "Hey, I forgot I even had this (fill in the blank)!"

I hope this was somewhat helpful to you and can motivate you to keep track of what's coming in your closet and what you're spending. I've definitely fallen way, way short on that front. My first indicator (the overflowing closet that cannot begin to hold the capacity of clothes in it....even after my husband was phased out into the hallway closet) should have been efficient enough to do a little inventory, but since it wasn't, maybe this will be! Now we can all be more accountable for our purchases! Yaaaaay for accountability and being adults! That'll definitely keep the husbands happy, right? It will mine, at least! Until next time....
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