High Heels and Training Wheels: A Sad Farewell is Looming



A Sad Farewell is Looming

That yearly farewell to summer is coming. And I am dreading it. Fall is absolutely my favorite season but it's what comes after it that I dread. It taints my view of fall. I can't anticipate my favorite season because my least favorite season follows it. Are there actually people out there who like winter? I just can't see the appeal. The days are shorter, drearier, colder and it seems to draaaaaaag on forever. It's usually about this time of the year that my seasonal depression starts to slowly creep in. So I'm holding on desperately to what last shreds of summer I can. While I was embracing fall fashion last week, not today. No dressing for fall, I'm full on summer today with this white/nautical feel....after all, no white after labor day, right? Today is the last day I can wear white this year, right? Psssh. I have never felt the need to abide by that rule. Is it actually still a "rule" anymore anyway? 

Stripe Top c/o Oasap // Distressed Jeans- American Eagle (thrifted) // Crossbody Bag- Target // Sandals- Target (thrifted) // Fedora- Meijer

So am I the only one who wears white after labor day? Am I breaking a legitimate rule here or is it just an outdated notion? I'd like to know what you guys think.

Do you wear white after labor day?

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