High Heels and Training Wheels: The Coolest of the Cool



The Coolest of the Cool

That's what these glasses are. Which, of course, makes me cool by association. 

Chambray / Jeans  / Leopard Pumps / Aviators c/o Oasap / Shoulder Bag c/o Oasap

This is my first time mixing denim. I'm not real sure why; I've always admired the look. Something about it is very laid back and cool, yet totally chic and put together. I love it when a look can be so many different things like that. I just wish I had somewhere to wear it other than anatomy class. Blah. But, I still felt supah dupah fly in these glasses, despite the lackluster occasion. So what if I only wore them in the car and on my way into the building; I was struttin' ya'll! Do you guys have a piece that automatically gives you an awesome feel as soon as you put it on like that?

On a side note, my biggest baby boy is no longer a baby. My handsome young man is 10 years old today! I just cannot even fathom it. 10 years! You really just do not grasp how fast time flies until you have kids. If you remember Izzy's interview, you know I ask my kids a series of questions on their birthday to document who they are at each age. It's a lot of fun to look back at all the answers and how they change over the years. He and I are going out for a special birthday date at McDonald's (his choice) where I will interview him so be on the look out for little man's Q&A! :)

Happy birthday my little man! I love you to the moon and back!

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