High Heels and Training Wheels: I Finally Did It!



I Finally Did It!

Cut my hair, that is! If you remember this post, which was 6 months ago, you know I've been planning to cut my hair for a very long time. Whether it was my indecision, lack of funds, or a lack of time; for whatever reason, I never got it done.....until now!

Over-sized tee, leather leggings, ankle boots, knit infinity scarf

Over-sized tee, leather leggings, ankle boots, knit infinity scarf

grey ankle boots with buckles

Over-sized tee, leather leggings, ankle boots, knit infinity scarf

Over-sized tee, leather leggings, ankle boots, knit infinity scarf
Tee c/o / Leather Leggings c/o / Boots / Scarf- Thrifted / Backpack- Thrifted / Sunnies c/o

The story of how my haircut came about is actually very sweet. My husband, who has listened to complaints about my hair for over a year ("I dipped my dang hair in my cereal again!" "I rolled over and pull my own hair in bed again!" "My hair is so tangly!" "My hair has been wet for 8 flipping hours now, it refuses to dry!") decided to help me do something about it. He knows I have admired my sister's hair, and after several bad haircuts and major trust issues on my part, knew that I would only to trust my sister's hairdresser. (My girl quit cutting hair, for shame!) So he called up my sister to find out who it was and arranged for her to set me up a surprise appointment. Next thing I know, I'm being told not to make plans for Friday at 4 and am handed a wad of money. The two of them had schemed and planned to surprise me with something they both knew I wanted very badly.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I don't get a lot of surprises. Especially surprises that are so thoughtful! When I figured out what they had done, it hit me right in the feels. I am always accusing Justin of not listening to me but I guess he really does hear what I say. I was really touched that he thought about me and went out of his way to do something so nice for me. And with my sister! Who is a dang good secret keeper, let me tell you! Just the day before I was yapping to her (for a very long time) in the car; once again complaining about my hair and threatening to just chop it all off. I asked her who her girl was, when she was in, how much she charged, how I wanted to get it cut, etc. And Kendall played along the whole time, never once letting on that I already had an appointment set up and would be getting my hair cut in short 24 hours later. Sneaky, sneaky! So a BIG thank you to my husband and my sister! You definitely got me and it was the sweetest thing anyone has done for me! : ) I absolutely love it and feel 10 pounds lighter!

What do you think? Did I choose well?

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