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Kristy Hamilton Photography

Hey guys! I've got some eye candy for you today! If you've kept up with my recent posts, you know I've gone back fashion posts again. I went on a 3 month hiatus because of freezing temperatures and a temperamental photographer. It ain't easy talking my uninterested husband into braving the cold for my outfit pictures. Lucky for me though, I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. She has so kindly offered to take my pictures for me, so I wanted to share more of her amazing work today.

Kristy is a natural light photographer and personally, I think they make for the most amazing shots. She has the gift of capturing genuine expression and personalities from even the shyest of subjects (i.e. my daughter). From newborns all the way to weddings, she has an eye for catching emotions and saving the most precious memories.

I love her creative eye but I love her dedication even more. She is always committed to getting the best photographs she can but she is even more committed to making you happy and comfortable. If you have kids, you know just how important that is! She provides you with prints but every session comes with a DVD of all your images. She can even turn your images into cell phone cases, ornaments, cards, etc. She made Izzy's Valentine's cards last year and they were adorable....

This is just a sampling of her work, she has much, much more so make sure to go check out Kristy's website and Facebook page for all of her creative ideas and prices!

You can also find High Heels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

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