High Heels and Training Wheels: You've Got to be Sh*tting Me!



You've Got to be Sh*tting Me!

Sooo you may have noticed that instead of seeing my normal blog images, you are now seeing a message from Photobucket that looks something like this:

I have had this image (and others) uploaded to Photobucket for ages and I haven't altered them or uploaded any more images since then so what's up? Idk. Apparently Photobucket has changed their terms and it is no longer free image hosting or something. Yay.

In true cheapskate form, I refuse to pay for this. This means I am now going to have to find another image hosting site that is actually free. So I can then re-upload ALL of my dang images and re-link them and re-code them...because HTML is soooo fun. I apologize for this ugliness that takes my blog's proper images place in the meantime. If you have any suggestions on where I should look, PLEASE leave me a comment!

UPDATE: So as I have found out, Photobucket accounts are measured by bandwidth. What's that mean? Well, instead of your account being measured by the size of each image you upload (as I originally thought), it is measured by the views each image gets. This should be good news for me; a lot of pageviews is a good thing, right? Honestly, I'm just irritated that I have to redo all of my work. So my advice to you is: if you have a blog, save yourself the headache by not using Photobucket. (Unless you want to fork over some mullah!) I have now switched to Imgur; it's free and there aren't any limitations that I can find. I have already replaced my images and they look (and function) perfectly. Yay Imagur!

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