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Polka Dotty

Hey guys! Aren't you so proud of me? I'm sticking out my return to fashion and braving the cold once again. Look at me all outside in the snow and stuff! In a skirt no less! Booyah!

I feel like this outfit is another perfect return to this blog's fashion side. I absolutely love the way it came together; and that's saying something because a lot of times I just feel lost and like I have no real sense of style whatsoever. Do you ever have those days where you just feel like you have no idea what you're doing? It seems like those days produce the best outfits though! Especially when you have an effortless piece to work with. Enter: my new polka dot skater skirt. And at $15 it was a steal! I'll admit, I was a little weary when I ordered it because my 5'8 stature can instantly make any skirt too short but I was so relieved to find that it fit perfectly.

Cardigan- Forever 21 (thrifted) // Button Up- American Eagle (thrifted) // Skirt c/o PersunMall.com// Scarf & Tights- Walmart // Belt- Thrifted // Oxfords- Forever 21

Mixing black and brown is always something that scares me. When I was younger, I drew a very definitive line between them, carefully making sure never to mix the two. I can't say why I did it but I always had "black outfits" and "brown outfits", each with their own coordinating belts, purses and shoes. Where do these imaginary rules come from? I have no idea. I have to say though, I am never disappointed when I do mix them. 

Of course a "black and brown" combo needs a pop of color and my $4 mustard scarf dutifully did it's job. I also think this outfit really has a lot of versatility. I wore it to a baby shower but it could easily go anywhere. When you don't have much money, versatility is the name of the game. This skirt in itself is a great addition to any closet because can be worn so many ways. And at $15 you need to head over to Persun to snap one up for yourself before they're sold out!

Want another reason to shop Persun? (As if you need one!) In addition to crazy cute pieces at crazy cheap prices, Persun has so many easy (and fun) ways to instantly earn credits to your account. Liking them on Facebook can immediately get you $5 shopping credits. How stupid easy is that?! I 'like' things on Facebook all the time for a whole lot less than that! You can also simply share a picture of yourself in your fabulous new item on Persun to instantly earn even more credits. Share Persun with a friend? Credits. Write a review? Credits. Honestly, I'm all about free money! AND, lucky you, can get an additional 10% off right now! Persun is offering 10% OFF on orders $60+ for Valentine’s Day. Use code VD10 at checkout; hurry though, code expires on March 1st! 

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P.S. Don't forget to go check out Kristy's amazing photography! You can check out Kristy's website and Facebook page for all of her creative ideas and prices.

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