High Heels and Training Wheels: Aww You Shouldn't Have!



Aww You Shouldn't Have!

But no really, I'm glad you did! haha I am so thrilled that someone thought to nominate me! I've just been over here in my little corner of blog land, posting away and then I get a lovely comment that I have been nominated! As a brand spanking new blogger fresh off the streets, this is so exciting! Thank you, Linda for so kindly choosing me! 

So, I'm sure all you seasoned blogger veterans know what a Liebster award is but I didn't have any clue....I was ecstatic for the recognition anyway! haha Basically, it is a wonderful way to meet new bloggers and learn more about them. Linda has given me 11 questions to answer and then I share 11 random facts about myself. Then I choose 11 other new fantastic blogs to nominate! If you read my blog, you know it's going to be long so let's just start now! ;)

My questions from Linda:

{1} Why did you start blogging?
I posted a little about this in my 'About Me' page but basically I just wanted to keep myself motivated. I've only just recently began this journey to finding and evolving my style and it's easy to get discouraged. I felt that if I had a blog to keep up with, it would keep me from backing down or giving up. So far, this has worked! Something I love and didn't expect is all the support and advice from you ladies of the blogging community. I honestly didn't know if a single person would ever lay eyes on my humble, little blog but connecting with so many of you has pushed me even more. I've come so far in this 1 short month and I owe a whole lot of that to you lovely readers and your kind comments! My confidence builds with each comment, follower and page view. Thank you!

{2} What homemade project are you most proud of?
I haven't really tackled a whole lot of big projects, I kind of dabble in many different things. But, I think I am most proud of the dress I made for my daughter. It was my first ever sewing project and it was done all on my own! I've gotten better and made things that have come out a whole lot nicer but this one was the first and it will always be special!

{3} What's the best costume you've ever worn?
I wish I had some awesome answer for this but the coolest costumes were always worn by my kids. I always paint my face with something simple for trick-or-treating just for them but the coolest costume is my daughter's Lalaloopsy costume from this past Halloween. It was a joint home-made project between my grandma and myself and that alone makes it super cool!

{4} What is your favorite book and why?
Hands down Pride and Prejudice!! Not entirely original, many people love P&P but Jane Austen is a beautiful author and it is just a classic. Who doesn't want a Mr. Darcy??

{5} What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles? 
We went to Gatlinburg with Justin's parents this past summer. It is always so much fun to see things through the wonder of your kid's eyes. It makes old experiences brand new.

{6} If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I have actually been asked this question before and I can never decide! Shape shifting would be pretty handy. Like Mystic on X-Men. Or teleportation would be awesome! Goodbye rush hour!! Ha!

{7} Pinterest or Facebook?
Pinterest! No question! Pinterest offers me encouragement, inspiration and great ideas...Facebook offers me personal political agendas, dirty laundry and advertisements. Facebook has gone so far downhill. It's made this question a no brainer.

{8} What is your biggest pet peeve?
Captcha! Seriously, turn that ish off!! haha And see #6! I loathe traffic. There is no one pet peeve when it comes to traffic. I hate people who pull out in front of you; cut you off when there's no one behind you for as far as the eye can see and then they proceed to go under the speed limit. What happened to that hurry you were in? Cause you just couldn't wait to pull out behind me! OR (and this is my favorite) when on the interstate someone in the left lane is going as slow, if not slower, than those in the right lane. Haven't you ever seen those signs that say "Stay right except to pass"?? If you're not passing, you don't need to be there! This was not a good question to ask me! haha!

{9} What is your favorite childhood memory?
I could not even come close to naming a favorite. My mom did so much for us; so many special traditions and memories. Although, I was pretty stoked when I came home from 1st grade and mom surprised me with New Kids on the Block tickets. Talk about excited!!

{10} How would you describe yourself in one word? 
Another hard one! How about one phrase... a work in progress! 

{11} What are you thankful for today?
I'm going to have to get a little personal. I am thankful for time with my family...all of them. My grandma has a terminal cancer. She has been battling pancreatic cancer for 3 years. If you know anything about pancreatic cancer, you know 3 years is an amazing length of time. She has come to terms with this being the end of her lifetime and stopped chemo. My husband, kids and I moved in to take care of her and I see how hard every single day is for her. We live each day knowing it's one day closer to her last. Life is short and I am thankful for every single second I have here on this earth with the people I love.

Now that I've gone and depressed you, time for some random facts!

11 Facts
{1} I have 4 brothers and 1 sister; I am the oldest.

{2) Of those brothers, one is the same age as my son...my mom and I were pregnant at the same time. Think 'Father of the Bride Part II'

{3} I have an unusual taste in men....no, nothing creepy! A few of my celebrity crushes are David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Tom Selleck if that gives you an idea. My friends/family always give me crap for this! haha
Yes, that is the goblin king from Labyrinth!

{4} I love Doctor Who! I mean, love, love, love Doctor Who! I am a full on Whovian. So many people do not know what this show is because it's British. But, I have yet to meet a person who tried an episode and wasn't instantly hooked. Look it up people! (PS I miss the Ponds! *sniff*)

{5} I am just as big of a Harry Potter nerd. None of that Twilight ish; I am a Potter head til I die yo!

{6} I HATE feet! Like, completely loathe them. I have a definite foot phobia!

{7} I am completely useless in the morning until I have my coffee. I'm like that McDonald's commercial "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee."

{8} No one I know in real life knows I have this blog! (with the exceptions of my mom, sister, and best friend...and my husband of course) When I started this, I didn't know if I was going to make a huge fool outta myself...still not sure. I'm waiting to make sure I don't face plant before I tell anyone about it ;)

{9} My TV almost never leaves HGTV (except on Doctor Who nights of course!) I love Property Brothers, Love it or List it, Income Property because he's a babe and House Hunters.

{10} I could live off of cereal. I go through 2 boxes of Life cereal a week. No lie.

{11} I am starting to get anxious about getting older....I'm about to turn 30!

Random enough for ya? Ok, so here are the lovely ladies I chose to nominate. I thought this would be difficult; finding 11 other ladies who are new AND enjoyable. But once I went exploring I found SO many awesome blogs out there! I now read each and every one of the chosen blogs regularly; you should definitely stop by and visit them ALL!!

Brianne @ Being Bracco

Jill @ Olive Heart

and a 12th just because I love her blog too much not to include her:

Jules @ My Mom's a Whack Job (sweet name right?)

Some of these girls have been around longer than I have but they fit the "less than 200 followers" criteria...plus, I think they deserve the recognition because I seriously love all of them!

Here's the rules girls!

The Rules:

{1} Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.

{2} Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award on to and link them in your post.

{3} Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.

{4} Go back to their page and tell them about the award.

{5} Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

{6} No tag-backs!!

And here's your questions

{1} Why did you start blogging?

{2} What has been your favorite part about it?

{3} Have you learned anything from your experience? If so, what?

{4} What blog(s) do you go to for inspiration and why?

{5} In lalaland where you could do whatever you wanted, what would be a perfect day for you?

{6} If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

{7} How would you describe yourself and the kind of blogger you are?

{8} What is your favorite thing to wear?

{9} What would you call your style?

{10} Coffee or tea?

{11} What are you most proud of?

There ya go, ladies! Please link back to this post and come back here to comment so we can read all of your awesome answers!


  1. Ok, no joke...totally was having a "down" day and I just can't tell you how this fun treat of being "nominated" totally perked me up! Thank you for your sincere thoughtfulness! (I wish I could "tag-back because I truly love reading your blog!)

    SO many things I could comment on that I was totally thinking "Hey, that's me too!" ha! (Jane Austen?! Yes, Please, and Thank you!)

    Oh I turned 30 two years ago (see how I get around spitting out the number?? ha!) 30 never felt different...but it was so weird to say. At least for me!

    Also, I love how much you love your family especially in living with your grandma to help care for her. I know everyone is blessed by that and these moments you get with her will be cherished forever.

    1. I am so happy I could cheer you up! I was kind of feeling the same way when I got mine so I know what it's like :) As soon as I came across your blog, I KNEW I would include you! I just knew we would have a lot in common; I can't wait to see all of your answers and learn even more about you Abby!

  2. I love Harry Potter. I have read the books over and over and over. Every time a new movie or book came out, I would read the entire series again just to refresh! I have never seen a Twighlit movie ever. My daughter owns them all and I have no interest in watching them.

    I HATE Captcha and was just bitching about it. Turn that crap off!

    And Tom Selleck.... OMG!!!

    1. Me, too! I have read all of the books 11 times and they never get old! Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite movie and Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book (but surprisingly my LEAST favorite movie!) Tom Selleck isn't as unusual as the others, a lot of people have the hots for him. I guess it's just that I have a thing for older men haha! I get a lot of grief for David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I even think he's attractive as Snape with that greasy hair!

  3. You are welcome for the nomination - you deserve it! I think both of our new blogs are off to a great start. (BTW, I love House Hunters and Property Borthers too!)


  4. Here from the blog hop! Congrats on the Liebster. I love the Harry Potter books too!

  5. Thank you so much for the Liebster, Lindsey! It's been fun, and I'm always glad to meet other bloggers. I'm answering your questions at my blog titled "Thank You in Threes" on Monday, 4/15, late afternoon or early evening publication!
    I appreciate you thinking of me.

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