High Heels and Training Wheels: Well Played, Mother Nature



Well Played, Mother Nature

So, I had to go and get all cocky yesterday by wearing a tank top and shorts and what happens? It rains all night and now it's in the 50s. She sure showed me! Guess I won't be jumping the gun anymore. I solemnly vow not to wear any shorts, tank tops and/or sandals until May...or next week at the very earliest. ;)

Once again I drew inspiration from a gorgeously put together outfit from another blogger. And once again it is none other than Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode. I have yet to read a post from Natalia and not be inspired. Girl's got it goin' on over there!

This particular post was about remixing your wardrobe. I struggle with this immensely. I have always bought items with a specific way to wear it in mind and it never varies. This results in "closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear" syndrome. You know what I'm talking about. We've all been there at one time or another. I probably have hundreds (ok, maybe not hundreds but it's a lot more than I utilize) of outfit variations hanging in my closet and the key to unlocking them is simply remixing what I already own.

Natalia picked 7 items and made 7 different outfits for the week. This is not something I ever thought I could do but she makes it look effortless! I haven't pulled together 7 entire outfits but I did take a step into wearing pieces in a way I have never worn them before.

My outfit isn't a total recreation but there were key pieces and how she wore them that got my wheels turning...

Shirt: Walmart $5.00
Cardigan: F21 @ Goodwill $3.00
Leggings: Walmart $6.00
Boots: Target $12.50
Scarf: Walmart $3.00
Watch: Vintage from my grandma
Bracelet: Walmart $3.00

Grand Total: $32.50

Man! I could be a spokesperson for Walmart! When I put this together, I had no idea all of it had come from there. Moral to this story: Get your heinie to Walmart!! Next time you're grocery shopping, swing by the clothes section! I also think this is a good time to say that I am not a big advocate for leggings as pants. However, all my bits and pieces are covered and that (and that alone) is the exception. So if you wear leggings, proceed with caution!

Aaannnd just for fun...

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  1. I really like the teal and leopard, very cute casual look!

    1. Me too! I'm learning that mixing bright colors with a pattern is a good thing! :)

  2. I love Leopard Scarves, they go with so much. I own one almost identical. This outfit is totally something I would wear head to toe, since I love leggings, long cardigans, boots & scarves. =)

    Check out my blog because I made two announcements earlier this week about features I want to do in my blog and you might be interested to participate. Let me know. I would love to have you. =)


    Enjoy Your Weekend, Ada. =)

    1. Thank you Ada! I really liked it too! And any day you wear leggings is a VERY comfortable day! :)

  3. Such an affordable and pretty outfit, I love it.
    Your blog is awesome.

    ♡Lots of love


    1. Thank you, Johanna! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit!

  4. I think the outfit is as cute as it can be, and love the scarf! I'm visiting today from Let's Get Social Sunday. :)

  5. That bright colored shirt screams "spring!" and makes an otherwise wintery outfit pop! And I think you are rocking the leggings. You have the perfect legs to wear them...I on the other hand...

    Great outfit!

  6. I love your outfit. Long cardigans and leggings are so comfortable and classic together! I love the bright turquoise with the scarf...really stands out and looks good!

  7. Totally curious what brand the blue walmart top is. I love the bottom of it and it's the perfect length for the leggings. Do share! You look fabulous! I love it!!

  8. Yes! I have been trying to re-work my wardrobe too! I love all your takes and I'm with you on the leggings, I wear them as pants, but front and back have to be covered! I have always wondered why they can't make regular leggings more like workout leggings..I wear those ALL the time and don't think twice about it because of the thicker material (and they suck me in more ha!)

    But I digress...You look GREAT!

  9. Love the boots - I've been looking for some like that. I guess now that Canada has Target I might just stand a chance of snagging some ;)

    Very cute look!

    Katie | Loverly She

  10. Thanks for the shout out! Love this outfit!

  11. What a great way to wear a pop of animal print without it being overpowering!

  12. Very nice! I like that your outfit feels a wee bit "edgy". I get your feelings about sponsoring a store in your posts. I'm always feeling like Target and Old Navy owe me some sort of compensation for my posts. And Target and IKEA sponsor the rest of my house.


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