High Heels and Training Wheels: Gettin' a Little Crafty: DIY Pom Poms



Gettin' a Little Crafty: DIY Pom Poms

It's Monday! And my spring break is over! Wah! What a downer! And my take-home test was due today. Who gives a take-home test over spring break anyway? The key word is break! That means a break from school. A break from tests. Yet there I was over this "break" doing a 7 page test. It's not right! {end rant}

But before I go on, I have a terrible confession to make. I ate 2, not 1 but 2, full boxes of Tagalong girl scout cookies this week. By myself. And an entire box of Life cereal in 3 days. As much as I hate it, maybe going back to school and getting out of this house isn't such a bad thing!

Alright now that that's out of the way, we can get to the real purpose of today's post! I've mentioned at least 1763 times that Izzy's birthday was approaching and this weekend we finally had the party...so you don't have to hear about it anymore! :) You know by now I'm all about saving money and birthday parties are no exception. My intention was throw an awesome party DIY style. Well, as usual I had very ambitious plans and spread myself too thin so I got maybe a third of it done. This happens at every single party, yet I never seem to learn to start early and plan small. 

However, I did manage a couple DIY projects to share with you guys. Today is tissue paper pom poms/flowers. I got this idea from Pinterest. I'm telling you guys, you should check out my boards. If my real life looked like my Pinterest life, I'd be rockin this shit! I'm sure we all feel that way! Alright, getting to the point...

Are they flowers? Are they pom poms? I don't know. But I will say that whatever they are, they're easy peasy and they look awesome for next to nothing. I got my tissue paper at, you guessed it, my new favorite place; The Dollar Store! You're going to need:
  • 8-10 sheets of 20' x 30' tissue paper (per flower)
  • scissors 
  • pipe cleaner or floral wire

Lay your tissue paper out flat. (And this might be a 'duh' kind of tip, but depending on how you want it to look, you'll layer your colors differently. If you want it to be half and half layer all one color together and all of the other on top. If you're wanting a stripey effect, layer each color every other sheet.) Then you will start to fold it accordion style.

It will look like this when you get to the end. The size of your fold just depends on the look you want. This is the size I used to get my finished look.

Secure it in the middle with your pipe cleaner or wire

Cut each end off. You can cut rounded like this or you can cut it to a point (The green and purple in the picture above were cut into points)

CAREFULLY (I'll spare you that sob story) pull each end towards the center to fan it out.

One-by-one pull each layer (again, gently) towards the center. Separate each tissue sheet one at a time. These ended up being about 18" in diameter. 

Now, I like doing crafty things but I'm no Martha Stewart. These seriously are very easy. It only cost me a couple bucks and it made a big impact. 

Now, go! Get crafting! May your scissors be sharp and your tissue be fluffy!

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