High Heels and Training Wheels: The I'm-Too-Lazy-to-Put-on-Pants Syndrome



The I'm-Too-Lazy-to-Put-on-Pants Syndrome

 Happy Tuesday lovelies. It's been pretty quiet round these parts. Hung around with little lady today and we painted nails, did hair and all those other girlie things. We only left the house to watch the hubs play baseball. I don't like sports in general, baseball least of all, but truth be told I think it's sexy. Only when the hubs plays, of course. Something about him hitting the ball and running those bases is super hot. And don't worry, he's fully aware and uses it to his full advantage.

Walmart Maxi Dress {save} {splurge} //  Pacsun Shirt {save}{splurge} // Meijer Fedora {save} {splurge} // Target Sandals {save} {splurge} // Thrifted Bracelet {save} {splurge}// Pacsun Ring (purple) {save} {splurge}//  Thrifted Ring (black)
It's baaack! The fedora, that is. Today wasn't the humidity that took it's toll on my hair, it was just I'm-too-lazy-to-fix-my-hair syndrome. And the maxi wasn't a statement, it was I'm-too-lazy-to-put-on-pants syndrome. I am just ailing from syndromes over here. We're all allowed to have those days, right? I'm in luck that these are both trends because no one notes my laziness, they just mistake it for bad assness. Word. 
And on a little side note, go download The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Like, yesterday. I haven't rocked out to a soundtrack like this since R+J. Which was also directed by Mr. Luhrman (my absolute favorite director). Man knows his ish, ya'll. And sadly I still haven't seen the movie despite my counting down to it's release for 2 YEARS! Can't a sista get a babysitter up in here? But don't cry for me Argentina, I WILL see this movie! Until next time darlings...
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  1. Such a cute look. I love it!

  2. Great look, I love how carefree and easy maxi's are. I wore my fedora this weekend too! Again, super easy (and hides whatever mess my hair is looking like!)

    I saw The Great Gatsby last week, and was completely enraptured by the music. I downloaded it as soon as I got home from the theater!

    P.S. Loving your one green nail.

  3. Love this outfit, and the title really made me laugh out loud :-) hehe!

  4. Another favorite! I love this outfit and accessories!

  5. That shirt is Fabulous!! Yu should come to my trend spin linkup, this weeks trend is Mint and that would be perfect to show off :)



    The Fashion Canvas

  6. This has got to be one of my favorite outfits ever. LOVE everything! I'm pinning this to my fashion inspiration board. You're so gorgeous!


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