High Heels and Training Wheels: Trend Spin: Chambray



Trend Spin: Chambray

Chambray and Stripes

This week's trend spin was chambray and let me tell you, I know chambray. I've actually laid off of it for a while so I was happy to bring her back out. 

Chambray and Stripes

Brown Leather Crossbody Purse

Chambray and Stripes

Brown Leather Sandals

Chambray and Stripes

Chambray and Stripes
TJ Maxx Chambray {similar} // H&M Skirt {similar for only $8.50!}{similar @ H&M for $6!} // Target Sandals {even cuter pair} // Target Purse {similar} // Meijer Fedora {similar} // Thrifted Belt {similar} // Walmart Bracelet {cute option} {another cute option}
So I finally caught up on True Blood and what the heck is going on with Bill?? And what's up with Andy's faerie babies? And Lafayette's dead boyfriend's head?? I mean I've come to expect weird with TB but some of it is just pushing it! I kind of gave up on TB a while back because it deviated so much from the books and I couldn't help but make comparisons. I'm still not really sure how I feel about the turn it's taken. I do love me some Alexander Skarsgård though. One thing TB did right was casting him as Eric! And I'm lucky TB believes in nudity. Yeah, I said it! Well that's my totally random bit of nonsense for the day. Until next time...
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  1. I think it has gotten out of control. I can't even watch it anymore. I used to tune in for some Alexander Skarsgård but now for me even he isn't enough to make me sit through an hour of that garbage.

    On a happier note...I love your outfit : )


  2. Love everything about this outfit!!

  3. I love it with the brown and the fedora. And a red lip looks amazing on you!! Thank you so much for linking up!! Next week is red white and blue. ; )

  4. Chambray and stripes...two of my faves! You look fabulous!


  5. Love this look! I've been searching for the perfect striped skirt and yours is SO cute!!


  6. I love how you styled the Chambray and that skirt looks like a perfect summer staple!


  7. I love this! Those sandals are cuuuuute!

    Xo, Kelsey

  8. Another fabulous ensemble! If I didn't adore you for being so cute and stylish, I might hate you. ;)

  9. I am obsessed with this whole look! Love the stripes and chambray!! Thanks for linking up your chambray outfit to the Trend Spin linkup!

    The Fashion Canvas

  10. I love this outfit, you look amazing! I am really struggling with TB this season also! I want to keep watching, but it really seems to have veered into left field...


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