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Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch!

Ok, I have to take just a second to be a wicked witch here real quick. I wrote this and deleted it and wrote it again and then had it in my drafts for weeks not knowing who I might offend but I just have to get it off my chest and be done with it. I am all about the blogosphere and the blogging community and all of the awesome people in it. It was because of all these amazing blogs that I was inspired to start mine. It is because all of the kind words that my journey to evolve my style was put on warp speed and for that I thank everyone of you for changing this part of my life. Truly. It has made more of a difference than you know. With that said, I have to put something out there that has been annoying the piss out of me on my mind. 

To every person who has ever said "Want to follow each other?" Stop. Stop it right now. Blogging is supposed to be about ideas and inspiration and communicating and gaining new friends. Not numbers. We are so much more than a number on your Bloglovin, GFC, Facebook etc, we are your fellow bloggers! I would like to think that someone is 'following' me because they were inspired by something I've posted or enjoyed something I have written, not because of their anticipated personal gain.  I mean, I don't get your almighty "follow" if I don't give you one first? Please. Someone did this on my posts where I announced that my grandma had passed away. I just don't even have words for that. Clearly they did not even read my post! Generally, I will always return a follow anyway because I want to connect with that person and to return the support. But if you're only "offering" to follow me to get one in return, don't. The next person to say this to me is getting punched in the throat. Well not literally, but you better believe you are getting a mind throat punch. Again, to everyone who has hit that follow button to show support, I love you to the moon and back! To everyone else, buzz off! 

I realize how wildly inappropriate this is but you can't deny that it's also wildly hilarious!

I promise I'm not a huge B but I have been sitting on this for a long time and it doesn't end! I could have put it a little more delicately and maybe some are simply misguided but I know I am not the first person to say this, I'm not even the 100th! So please forgive me!
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  1. I agree so, so much. I mentioned that (sort of) in a guest post I wrote coming up at Plucky's Second Thought. I hate when someone obviously didn't read your post & says " I follow you. Follow back now." It just feels like a one night stand, when I'd prefer to date first.

  2. LMAO! Good for you for being so vocal about it! I don't want my news feed bulked down by blogs that don't interest me & I want genuine views on mine too! I'm not falling for it & good for you for not going there either! Ax

  3. I totally agree. That's why I don't join in on giveaways, because they usually want you to follow sponsors or co-hosts and I will follow them only if I enjoy the content of their blog.

  4. I agree completely. Absolutely completely. Just found your blog through the blog hop, and I'm happy to follow along. :) I love your outfits and your voice through your posts.

    Also. I say calm your tits all the time. I'd say it's appropriate. haha.

  5. Haha! Right?? There's nothing more phony than an impersonal "copy and paste" comment! I've got news for them: we can see through it!!

  6. Exactly! I quit entering giveaways because of that. I was missing posts I genuinely wanted to see because my feed was bogged down by so much crap!

  7. Me either! I used to enter them because I just figured why not? I could potentially win something for not really doing anything....until I couldn't sift through my feed anymore because there was too much I didn't care to see.

  8. Aww thank you! Someone saying they enjoy my "voice" is the best compliment I can get! I am forever making my husband read my posts to make sure I sound like myself. I don't want to get caught up in all the "fluff" out there. And you have to be awesome if you say calm your tits! haha

  9. Amen! You know I've been very convicted of this lately. So what if no one reads my thoughts? I wrote it...and it came from me. And maybe it will be out there to help someone else out. I love meeting friends in the blog-o-sphere but by no means do I care about whoring my blog out for numbers.

  10. Thank you for this post. I totally sent you a tweet. It shouldn't be about numbers but unfortunately it is. I follow people because I like their blogs not to reciprocate. And you're not a bitch!!!! Love this post.

    I've got a great giveaway on my blog today: Sephora Gift Card. Stop by and enter and don't forget to link up this Thursday.



  11. Wow! Great post, I've been kind of annoyed by this too. Will definitely be subscribing as you're a down-to-earth blogger!

  12. Needed saying. Very good job. As you know, you won't be missing a thing without the FollowMe ghoulies . It's difficult enough to keep up with all the genuinely interesting posts by bloggers you really want to keep up with. Like you.

  13. I blog for myself (and only have a handful of readers), so I don't think really applies to me... though I can understand why it would be frustrating! I love "meeting" others through blogs, but I rarely follow.

  14. Totally agree with you! This post came just on time for me.
    Thanks so much for sharing!



  15. I agree with you about the fact that people shouldn't just follow someone to get a follow back. I think I follow about 250 blogs and only have 30 followers. However, I see nothing wrong with asking someone for a follow back if you really like them and enjoy their blog and want to encourage them to come visit you. A lot of the blogs I follow have so many blogs to weed through and so many comments to respond to and if I think that we share a common bond or sense of humor, sometimes, I will point them in the direction of my blog. But I do see where you're coming from - quality, not quantity in the end.

    - Heather


  16. Couldn't agree more with this. Huge pet peeve of mine.



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