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Sweating Rainbows

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Holy ballllls, you guys! Let me tell you, if you are going to run a 5k, do not do it without attempting to train at least a little beforehand. Just, do not do it. I still absolutely cannot move. Like, at all. I cannot even sit down to pee without my thighs burning. TMI? Point being, I'm soooore! Of course it didn't help that we then walked around an amusement park for 7 hours afterwards but it would have been hell on my body anyway. In my heyday training would not have been necessary, I was already in running shape, but this girl is getting old apparently and I have not run in at least 6 months. I do not advise this!

With that said, we had SO MUCH FUN! I ran (jogged) across that finish line, covered in colored crap, with a big ol smile on my face. If you aren't familiar with the Color Run, it's a 5k in which each checkpoint has a designated color powder that gets thrown at you and by the end of the run, you're looking like a bag of skittles. There's a big finale at the end where everyone has a color packet and you throw it up in the air, covering everyone in a cloud of color. There were 10,000 runners at the Louisville run. 10,000!! I didn't know we even had that many people in the area, let alone runners! It was insane!

Our team was awesomely named The Foxy Sham Wows. Why? We don't know, it sounded nice. Our team included my bestie, Mr. Bestie, my sister, the hubs and a friend from HS. My sister, who is the running nazi, made the bestie run the entire 5k while me and the boys had a nice walk/jog combo going. 

 If The Color Run comes to your neck of the woods, definitely do it...just make sure you keep your mouth closed when you're running through a checkpoint! As it is, I'm going to have rainbow boogers for a week. The powder is basically just colored corn starch. It's nontoxic and it says on the package that it will not stain if you don't get it wet. Well, inevitably you're going to sweat when you run and hence the powder gets wet. So don't wear anything you don't want to be permanently tye-dyed. We're definitely making a yearly tradition out of it, colored boogers, sore thighs and all!
So go ahead and check out The Color Run™ website to find out when they're coming to your town! Afterall, it is the happiest 5k on the planet!
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  1. Too funny. I did this run last year and had a lot of fun. Good for you for going out even w/o training.

  2. I'm glad you had so much fun!! I did the color run in Phoenix back in January. It was a blast, however it was pouring rain the entire time so we got stained with the color for awhile and there were colorful puddles everywhere!

  3. Oh it was a wakeup call! I WILL be doing some training next year! haha

  4. Oh man! We had a beautiful day for it but I can see where the rain could be fun too! I'm pretty sure everything I had on is stained anyway! :)

  5. Looks like you had a super fun time!! I'm in the midst of training for an undetermined 5K this fall. Perhaps I should consider the color run?!

  6. You should absolutely give it a try! We had a blast!

  7. Definitely!! It was such high energy and just a good time!

  8. These races look like so much fun!


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