High Heels and Training Wheels: I Feel Like a Badass



I Feel Like a Badass

 You ever have one of those days where an outfit just comes together in a way that just makes you feel cool?  I literally had 10 minutes to get dressed this morning and I just grabbed the most accessible items in the closet and boom. Does it totally kill the cool factor by talking about it? There went the mystique. Hey, I didn't say I actually was cool, I just said I felt like it.

Cargo Skinnies

Cargo Skinnies

Cargo Skinnies

Cargo Skinnies
H&M Vest (thrifted) // Forever 21 Tee (thrifted) $2.00 // American Eagle Cargo Skinnies (old) // Target Sandals (thrifted) $7.00 // Belt (thrifted) $0.99 // Bracelet (thrifted) $2.00 // Ring (thrifted) $0.50 // Sinful Colors Nail Polish (fingers) in Hazard $1.98 {exact} // Essie Nail Polish (toes) in Turquoise and Caicos {exact} // Wet n Wild Lipstick in Cinnamon $0.99 {exact}

Notice something about this outfit? 99% of it is thrifted! I'm gettin' good! I'm trying not to get too cocky. I don't want Karma to catch up to me and all the Goodwills close or something. Wow, that's a frightening thought! I'm knocking on wood right now, all you thrifters! Don't come hunt me down with your pitchforks and torches! 
And one more little note, after 3 months of blogging this genius finally figured out how to add the Google "join this site"...just in time for them to shut it down in a month. But a specific someone, whom I adore,
 (Danielle) asked me to add it. This one's for you lady! :)
Also the beYOUtiful giveaway is over and the winners are in! If you are one of these lovely ladies, please email dani AT lovemedanimarie DOT com within 48 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen. Please place your prize as the subject line.

Justine B.: AD space on Love Caroline
Amanda Deserres: Bow Necklace and Earrings set
Samantha Bower: Hello Sign
Sara and Sel Camarillo: Leaf Earrings
Alicia John: Turban Headband
Brittany Christensen: Honee Bee AD space and OPI Nail Polish
Ana Wang: $10.00 credit to The Glitter Revival
Cara Howard: Bracelet from fl{h}air
Riley White: Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook
Heather Black: Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook
Shelby Close: $10 PayPal Credit
Sarah Collier: $15.00 Michaels Gift Card
Kailey Varble: Flower Clip/Broach
Amberly Lambertsen: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
Elaina Johnson: Necklace and Earring Set
Catherine Chamberlin: Micky London Bangle Bracelet
Zoe Diaz: High Heels and Training Wheels AD space
Cari Shakespear: Proclamation
Paige Phillips: Essie Nail Polish
Madisen Langeveld: Red Bubble Necklace
Pamela Bakers: Nail Polish Set
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  1. Too bad I never win anything. I love your T-Shirt & your Cargo Skinnies. They look LOVELY with the Vest.

    That was such a great giveaway. I would have loved to have won something, anything.

    Wanna Swap Buttons? I would love to add yours to my blog. I am having a hard time figuring the Grab Box for mine but I can e-mail you the code. Let me know.

  2. Thanks for linking up today. Love your outfit. I wore something similar last week.



  3. Hey - new follower from The BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo!


  4. Absolutely! You can send it to me at lindsey.blincoe [at] gmail [dot] com And girl, don't feel bad! I have never won anything in my life, not even a game of BINGO! haha

  5. Thanks, Agi! I of course had to go seek out your version and loved it! :)

  6. Awesome! So happy to have you Jen!

  7. I agree, amazing outfit! I usually like to comment on an item from an outfit that I really like, but here, I love them all! It's perfect!

  8. Totally cool outfit - and it makes it even better that it's all thrifted! The vest and t-shirt look really great together.

  9. Aww thank you Inge! That was one of those comments that make my day! :)


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