High Heels and Training Wheels: Bad Hair Day? Who me?



Bad Hair Day? Who me?

You know what I love about a fedora? You can have the crappiest, nappiest do' going on under that thing and not a single soul will ever know. Not to mention how wicked cool you look in your kick ass hat. We've been battling rain 'round these parts (May showers bring June flowers? Wait, what?) and my hair just cannot handle the humidity. Like, at all. 

I ain't even kidding ya. But you plop a fedora on that mess and all people think is "Wow, look at the fab hat on her!" That's my tip for you ladies today, gotta a bad hair day? Throw a hat on that ish!

TJ Maxx Chambray $10.00{similar} // Gap Tank Thrifted $3.00 {great price} // American Eagle Khaki Shorts Thrifted $4.00 {similar} // Target Sandals {cute option} // Meijer Fedora $14.00{similar} //  Thrifted Belt $0.99 {} // American Eagle Cuff {cute option} // Thrifted Braided Necklace $2.00 {cute option} // Target Feather Earrings {similar}
These pictures are seconds before the rain legit came pouring down on our heads and Izzy and I took off running to the car sans umbrella; me tripping over my flip flops with a massive camera stuffed down my shirt and her with her adult sized Hello Kitty backpack weighing her down as she scootered and cried that she didn't want to catch "Nenomnya" (pnemonia). Yeah, we were a sight. Ain't fashion blogging grand? 

Here's the 2 whole pictures I got to snap of her before the tsunami

Until next time, stay dry and keep a hat near!
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  1. Love this casual and summery outfit!

    Kate @ Two Take on Style

  2. I found you through Stylelixir! I'd love for you to stop by and link up with my blog hop going on right now :)


    xoxo Tori

  3. Love this outfit. I have a similar fedora and it's perfect for Summer.



  4. I just found you via WIWW and I am SO impressed by your style and budget friendly pieces! Wow! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  5. I just got a fedora myself (yay clothes swap!) but have yet to wear it. I'll have to keep it in mind on my next bad hair day. :)

  6. god, I wish I could get away with wearing hats :( I think they look so cute on others, but it just emphasizes my chubby cheeks! I think yours adds a fun addition to your outfit :)

  7. Love this outfit! Its so summer casual but stylish! I'm on the hunt for a Panama style hat for the same reasons! :) Andrea x



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