High Heels and Training Wheels: Easy (Obvious) Closet Storage



Easy (Obvious) Closet Storage

You ever have one of those "duh" moments? You know, where a thought occurs to you that is so simple and so obvious you think "Duh! Why the hell didn't I think of that before??" Nothing like one of these moments to make you feel like an idiot. This particular epic moment was brought to you by my daughter. Sometimes you just need a 5-year-old to point out your stupidity.

This obvious idea involved my closet and although it is indeed obvious, these oversights happen to the best of us and I thought I'd share so I can make you feel like an idiot too! You're welcome.

Scarves! These were the bane of my organizing existence. They were all draped on this poor hanger and it looked a hot mess....not that the rest of my overloaded closet looks much better, but these were worse! Not to mention how difficult it was to get to each one. Of course, the one I need is always on the bottom!

Then my little Iz was playing with a scarf and a shower curtain hook (it takes little to please her) and bam. My epic "duh" moment. We have these pretty schnazzy hooks from Target that have just been sitting around collecting dust because....well, I don't know why. But now they have a purpose!

So then it got me thinking about what other things I could hang because I was on a hanging roll and I found these 'S' hooks chillin in the garage. 

Bam! Now they're jewelry hangers. Better the giant tangled ball all my necklaces used to be in! Fo sho! I would like to get more of each so I can hang more scarves and divide my necklaces more, but at least now the thought has occurred to me! 

Now if only I had better storage for my shoes...

Any suggestions? Other than getting rid of them! I know what you were thinking smarty pants! My poor husband has already been kicked out to the hallway closet. He's a good sport but pretty soon I'm going to be invading his second-hand space if I don't find a more efficient solution. I already have all of my winter things hanging on an exposed water pipe in the laundry room. Probably not good for the sewage movement (ew). 

Well, I don't have everything figured out but at least my scarves have a new home! Until next time...

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  1. Found you on Thirsty Thursday and glad I did love it! Nice when the kids can contribute around the house! lol New fan :)

  2. It's so organized!!! If you figure out how to keep it that way, you're in business!!

  3. Scarf idea... amazing! My life is revolutionized forever- ha! Alex


  4. I love the shower curtain hooks with the scarf idea.. stealing!!

  5. Such a cute idea to hang your scarves!


    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Great idea to hang your scarves. I hang them on my coat hangars and it helps a lot. Closet organizing is never easy and it's constantly changing.



  7. I love your organizational skills I did a similar thing with jeans on my post Hanging About..
    Popped over from Claire Justine oxox

    Jo @ http://memosinstilettos.blogspot.ca/

  8. Shoes are one of the hardest things to organize! AHH! I pinned one of your pictures!

    xo Michelle

  9. What a smart, cute idea! I need to get me some shower hooks :)

  10. those are great ideas, love it. What a smart mama :-)

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    Thanks so much.


  12. Oooo I like the idea of hanging my scarves like that (mine are stuffed in a dresser drawer -- but I do have a TON).

  13. Hey, new follower from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Nice idea! I have lots of scarves that need a better way to be stored and same with jewelry. I'm loving this!


  14. Haha! They need to start pulling their weight!! ;)

  15. It's the most obviously simple things that are ingenious!

  16. I can actually see them now! :)

  17. I know!! At one point my husband actually shared the closet with me...poor bloke!

  18. Right?? I don't know what to do with them. I had a hanging organizer for them but my shoes were too heavy once I filled it up... :(

  19. Yeah, I didn't have enough hooks to hang mine. I just folded away my thicker scarves with my winter stuff. It's so much nicer to be able to see them though!

  20. LOVE the new organization!! Seriously nothing makes me happier than a clean, organized closet. It is seriously the best! I am so jealous of that jewelry holder your hubby brought you- so awesome!! I also use the same shoe organizer from wal-mart ;)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  21. I got REALLY lucky when he took this job! haha He brings me stuff home all the time...some of it actually isn't junk! haha


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